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What To See And Do In Thun, Switzerland

The city of Thun sits beside the lake of the same name in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland region. With an 12th century castle and 13th century church, this stunning swiss town carries all the charm you'd expect from a European lakeside town. If that wasn't enough the back drop of the Swiss Alps and the turquoise glacial fed lake just add to it's allure.

Wandering Around Thun in Switzerland
Wandering Around Thun, Switzerland | © Travels and wandering

So in 2019, I went on a road trip from my uncles house in Froidevaux (France) to the Black Forest (Germany), Thun and Montreux (Switzerland) and back again. We only had two days in Thun and wanted to get a bit of a taster. Disclaimer: Please note this post may contain affiliate links to read our full disclaimer Click Here.

I don't know what I was expecting from Thun, I wanted to go somewhere new in Switezerland (as this was my second time visiting Montreux) and purposefully tried not to look up too much. I wanted a bit of a surprise and only read one article that explained a bit about the history of this town and the fact it has lovely views (I was sold).

On our short trip we managed to enjoy exploring the city and some of it's highlights. We identified some awesome experiences for our next visit.

Things To See And Do In Thun

Schloss Thun, Switzerland
Wandering through the backstreet stairs to get to Schloss Thun | © Travels and Wandering

Schloss Thun aka Thun Castle

Schloss Thun is a site of national significances in Switzerland. The castle sits high over the town looking towards the Bernese alps and lake Thun. This stunning castle was built by Duke of Zähringen in the 12th century and was modified in the 15th century by following ownership.

Today it serves as a museum housing local historic artifacts and is owned by the city. For a while the castle was a reional working courthouse. Centuries before it was home to a prison and fortress. We went inside but didn't take pictures out of respect to the museum, but it is well worth a visit.

Stadtkirche Church

On your way to the castle you will spot the beautiful Stadtkirche Church which was built in the 1300's. It has been maintained and can be seen like the church from all around the city (Pictured below and above).

Oberhofen Castle

Just outside of Thun on the north side of the lake sits the medeavil Oberhofen Castle. This 13th castle has stunning gardens and is open during the day to walk to. There are also boat trips that can take you over from the quiant marina in the city.

Oberhofen Castle on Lake Thun, Switzerland
Oberhofen Castle | Source @Jaipur via Unsplash

We only noticed this castle on our second day when walking around the lakeshore on the south southern side. We spotted this stunning architecture and nipped to our accomodation to ask them what it was called and check the opening times. We had missed it unfortunately.

Other Notable Architecture

On our next trip we plan to visit a few more historic buildings that were either shut or had ques. On the top of our list is:

  • Hunegg Castle

  • Schloss Schadau (this is a hotel and restaurant which was fully booked for dinner), but stunning never less and sits on the lake shore in its own grounds.

Lake Thun

Lake Thun, Switzerland
The views when walking around Lake Thun, in the town of in Thun, Switzerland | © Travels and Wandering

This stunning lake is just breath taking, although you may not be able to see this fully in these pictures, the colour of the lake and river that runs through the town is a turquoise and deep blue, this paired with the vibrance of the greenery surrounding the lake, the white snow capped peaks and the blue skies on a changeable day in spring, just left us in awe. I'll be honest we spent a lot of time dawdling along the shoreline just staring, admiring and verbally stating how beautiful the lake is... this went on for a while (we were a bit in awe). I took a fair few pictures but they definitely don't do it justice (see above and below). We saw lots of people out on canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and sailing on both days. This is something we'd like to do next time.

Other Things To See and Do In Thun

  • You will spot a typical historic covered footbridge usually synonymous with Lucerne but those of you who have travelled Europe more extensively will have spotted these in other Swiss towns such as Thun and in some Austrian towns also. I've included some more pictures at the bottom of this article.

  • Don't miss the market that runs in the town square selling a mixture of local fresh food and handmade items.

  • If you want to find restaurants and bars there are plenty along the north side of the river (this is the side closest to the castle) and around the town square.

On Our Next Trip To Thun

When we next visit we also plan to do the following:

  • Our first choice would be to get on the water. We have noted down that we would love to do windsurfing, sailing or paddleboarding out on the lake from Hona Club on the lake front. We both love being on the water and doing water sports.

  • If our budget allows it we both really want to go for a helicopter tour above Lake Thun and over the mountains. We can only imagine how stunning the views are from the sky. The cheapest one we have found so far is £890 but that is for a group of 3 people with Viator (so you could split the cost) Click Here to have a look.

Other Things to See And Do Around Thun, Switzerland