Kayaking, Hiking and Camping Nærøyfjord, Norway
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The Norwegian Fjords, an iconic landscape that truley lives up to its reputation. The dramatic backdrops carved by glaciers drawing visitors from around the world every year. Kayaking and exploring these Fjords is on most peoples bucket lists and we were no different. We opted for a multi day kayaking, … Read More

How To Photograph In Polar Regions
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The Reality of Tough Conditions in Polar Regions The polar regions are incredible! They are filled with amazing wildlife and inspirational landscapes. They are definitely a phenomenal environment to photograph. That being said, the conditions can be notoriously tricky. Whether you are seeking out the colossal icebergs in Antarctica, or … Read More

Hamburg, Germany – Oslo, Norway | My first Glimspe Of A Cruise
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So last year one of my best friends got married at Sea on a Royal Caribbean cruise between Hamburg and Norway. Due to my work commitments in a new job, I couldn’t get the entire trip off but I did manage to negotiate a few days off work, just enough … Read More