Mountain Leader Training in Snowdonia, Wales
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I recently spent 6 days in Snowdonia National Park in Wales on a Mountain Leader training course. With stunning views, changeable weather and challenging terrains all made for the perfect location for a summer mountain leader training course. I had an amazing time and this is something I have been … Read More

Running An Online Fitness Business Whilst In Bali – An Overview
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Bali is known for its beaches (and therefore surfing), yoga, mountainous jungle rainforest, temples, spirituality, scuba diving, the overall tropical island paradise vibe. However, amongst all this the digital nomad community is thriving. Whilst the rest of the world went into lockdown Bali stayed open, due this, the fast wi-fi … Read More

So You’re Thinking of Working In The Travel Industry?
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Tourism has the power to evolve a country. Are you thinking of joining the tourism sector but are unsure of how? Then good news… Working in travel and tourism goes far beyond the hospitality or customer service we all think of, there is an extensive range of roles you could consider and so many options…

Everything To Know For A Canadian Working Holiday
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So, Why Canada? There is nowhere in the world quite like it. The mountains, the sea, the wilderness, the wild life; the adventure is right on your doorstep! I’ve now spent a total of 3.5 years in Canada, using 3 different types of visas. This puts me in a good … Read More

How You Can Become A Full-Time Adventure Traveller?
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It’s the question I get asked the most. By friends, followers and random people sliding into my DMs. “What do you actually do for a living?”. People see photos of faraway places, destinations that are a world away and understandably wonder how on earth am I able to sustain a … Read More

Working As A Fitness Instructor In Greece
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One of the best experiences I have had travelling was during my time working for Neilson Active Holidays in Greece. I worked the summer seasons for them for a few years in different resorts around the beautiful country and had some amazing experiences. This allowed me to explore the country … Read More

10 Surprises From Antarctic Expeditions
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Alexandra Hansen has spent the last two years working as a Lecturer and Expedition Guide on all 7 continents. She is a certified Polar Guide, Zodiac Driver and Snorkel Instructor. She is passionate about the world’s cultures, history, and wild spaces. Hello! My name is Alexandra, and I am an … Read More

Life As Cabin Crew – An English Mans Account
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Prior To My Role As Cabin Crew My journey as Cabin crew began back in 2017 when I decided I’d had enough of working seasons and I needed to get a “real job”. Little to my knowledge the cabin crew lifestyle was incredibly like working seasons. Living out a suitcase, … Read More

Capturing The Moment: Advice From A Professional
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Hello! My name is Denis Elterman, I am a wildlife and nature photographer, filmmaker, editor and expedition guide from Daugavpils, Latvia. I have spent the last six years travelling the world to capture and document it’s many cultures and wild spaces. For the last five years, I have focused my … Read More

Get The Low-Down On Being A Seasonnaire: What to Expect Working Seasons
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After 18 years of working on seasonal contracts including managing teams of activity staff in different resorts around Europe, I’m bringing you the low down on what to expect if you are about to become a seasonnaire; or thinking about it…

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