Hiking Mt Ijen volcano in Indonesia
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Located in the Ring of Fire and between active tectonic plates, Indonesia is home to over 100 volcanos and more than half of them are still active today. Amongst these 100, one of the active volcanos stands out to most travellers – Mt Ijen. This post will share everything you … Read More

Ultimate Guide to Visiting Vatnajökull Glacier and Jökulsárlón in Iceland
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Embark on an adventure of a lifetime with the glistening, icy realms of Iceland’s natural wonders. Imagine strapping on your hiking boots for an exhilarating trek across the expansive Vatnajökull Glacier, Europe’s largest ice cap. After being fortunate enough to visit Iceland and Vatnajokull on a few occasions in different … Read More

Conquering Denali: Seeking Sponsorship for a Cause Worth Climbing For
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In the heart of Alaska’s wilderness, the towering presence of Denali stands unyielding, defying the very skies it pierces. Much like the mountain, life too, presents us with challenges that test our spirit and determination. For me, Nicole, Denali is not just a peak. It’s a symbol of overcoming adversity,

Best Hikes Near Vancouver City
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Vancouver city is made for outdoor lovers. You can reach remote beaches, dense evergreen forests, and backcountry peaks in a matter of hours. Exploring these trails is a must for those living or visiting. Check out the best hikes near vancouver city…

Top 5 Hikes in Jasper National Park
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Few wilderness areas in North America inspire wonder quite like Jasper National Park. Spread across the sublime landscapes of western Alberta, Jasper is home to some of the finest hiking trails in the Canadian Rockie

What To See And Do At Rydal Water
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Located in the English lake district, Rydal Water is a small but charming lake with stunning views. With beautiful hiking routes, wild swimming spots, woodlands and caverns to explore; There is a lot to see and do around this small lake.

Hiking to Mantova Hut in the Italian Alps
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The Aosta Valley (or Valle d’Aosta) is located in the north easter Italian alps bordering Switzerland. We got to enjoy this stunning mountainious region for the first time recently when hiking to Mantova Hut. Here is what to expect and our experience.

5 Great Hiking Trails Near Whistler, British Columbia
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If ever there was a place that nature has sculptured specifically for hikers, the Whistler area must be it. There are hundreds of scenic trails to satisfy the needs of hikers of all skill levels and outdoor enthusiasts. The terrain you’ll encounter includes magnificent glaciers feeding countless turquoise lakes, a … Read More

Mountain Leader Training in Snowdonia, Wales
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I recently spent 6 days in Snowdonia National Park in Wales on a Mountain Leader training course. With stunning views, changeable weather and challenging terrains all made for the perfect location for a summer mountain leader training course. I had an amazing time and this is something I have been … Read More

Kayaking, Hiking and Camping Nærøyfjord, Norway
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The Norwegian Fjords, an iconic landscape that truley lives up to its reputation. The dramatic backdrops carved by glaciers drawing visitors from around the world every year. Kayaking and exploring these Fjords is on most peoples bucket lists and we were no different. We opted for a multi day kayaking, … Read More

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