So You’re Thinking of Working In The Travel Industry?
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Tourism has the power to evolve a country. Are you thinking of joining the tourism sector but are unsure of how? Then good news… Working in travel and tourism goes far beyond the hospitality or customer service we all think of, there is an extensive range of roles you could consider and so many options…

How To Photograph In Polar Regions
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The Reality of Tough Conditions in Polar Regions The polar regions are incredible! They are filled with amazing wildlife and inspirational landscapes. They are definitely a phenomenal environment to photograph. … Read More

Husky Sledding And A Plane Wreck – A Winter Weekend In South Iceland
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The land of fire and ice has long been a draw for many travellers with its unspoilt beauty, the snowy days, dark nights and geothermal wonders that give this island … Read More

The Iceland Ring Road
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Iceland, the Land of fire and ice. From geysers to icebergs and dramatic scenery that you can’t help fall in love with. Iceland is the vision of myths and legends. … Read More