Conquering Denali: Seeking Sponsorship for a Cause Worth Climbing For

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Conquering Denali: A Symbol of Unyielding Spirit and Resolve

In the heart of Alaska’s wilderness, the towering presence of Denali stands unyielding, defying the very skies it pierces. Much like the mountain, life too, presents us with challenges that test our spirit and determination.

For me, Denali is not just a peak. It’s a symbol of overcoming adversity, be it personal health struggles or the anguish of losing loved ones. This climb is my testament – to endurance, to hope, and to the causes I hold dear.

Denali: Unveiling The Majestic Giant

Often referred to as “The High One”, Denali, formerly known as Mount McKinley, stands tall in the Alaska Range.

  • Altitude: Reaching up to a staggering 20,310 feet (6,190 meters), it’s the highest peak in North America.
  • Location: Situated in Alaska, specifically in the Denali National Park and Preserve.
  • Estimated Days for Expedition: Summiting Denali typically requires about 17 to 21 days, but it’s always good to factor in some extra days for acclimatization and unforeseen weather delays.
  • Route to the North Face: There are several routes to conquer Denali, but one of the most challenging is via the North Face. It is less frequented due to its technical difficulty and longer duration. Venturing this route demands profound mountaineering experience.

From Lecture Halls to Snow-Capped Peaks

I am a Lecturer by day, climber and mountaineer by passion, I immerse myself in two contrasting worlds. In the realm acadaemia where I’m a sports science lecturer and researcher; and in the world sports performance where I offer strength and conditioning coaching to a wide range of elite competitive athletes whilst specialising in adventure sports.

The Ultimate Challenge: The Summit of Denali

2027 is now etched in my heart, marking the year I’ve chosen to scale Denali. This venture, however, isn’t solely about personal achievement.

Twin Pillars of Purpose

I battle the rigors of endometriosis daily. Yet, it’s not just my struggle; it’s the silent agony of many. Thus, my climb has twin objectives:

  • To raise awareness of Endometriosis
  • To fundraise for research in Endometriosis

Endometriosis is so much more than monthly pain.

1 in 10 women of reproductive age grapple with endometriosis, affecting 176 million globally. This condition brings intense pain, emotional distress, and for 30-50%, fertility challenges, making it a top cause of female infertility.

Despite its prevalence, many wait 7-10 years for a correct diagnosis due to symptom misinterpretation and unawareness; my diagnosis took over a decade.

Endometriosis racks up billions in direct and indirect costs annually. Its exact origins remain debated, underscoring the need for more research. Treatment often involves pain meds, hormone therapy, and surgery. Still, the battle continues for many, with recurring symptoms and surgeries. I’ve undergone multiple operations and treatments, even facing chemical menopause twice by 33.

Endometriosis pain isn’t just cyclical; it disrupts daily life. And while it mainly targets pelvic regions, it can also spread beyond.

A Journey Awaits: The Backstory

Endometriosis and Me

It took a decade for my endometriosis to be diagnosed, a journey marred by dismissal and accusations of overreaction. I was told it was all in my mind, and that “everyone feels pain.” My pain was daily, not just monthly. Instead of understanding, I was labeled weak and even delusional. Medical professionals often misattributed my pain to IBS, stress, anxiety, or depression, overlooking the possibility that my daily pain might be the root cause of my poor mental health.

Interestingly, enduring multiple musculoskeletal injuries without batting an eye made me realize that I wasn’t frail. The injuries felt insignificant in comparison to my daily torment, yet I still participated in sports, inadvertently causing more harm.

My journey saw countless surgeries, contraceptions, anti inflammatories, heavy pain killers, chemical menopause (twice by the time I was 30) and even suggestions of drastic measures like hysterectomies. Specialists argued with my doctor over my treatment, making me feel like a mere lab rat.

Sadly, my story isn’t unique. Diagnosis doesn’t mark the end but rather a new chapter in managing endometriosis. We’re still in search of a cure and a complete understanding of the condition. Yet, by amplifying awareness and championing research, we hope to shift this narrative. Let’s envision a future where women’s health stories are treated with the urgency, understanding, and respect they deserve. Let’s hope this is an anecdote in the near future to tell our daughters of a time where we weren’t taken seriously.

Denali in Sight

In 2024, my adventure was set to begin, propelled by a 2022 training trip and sponsorships. Yet, what should’ve been a stepping stone turned into a cautionary tale. Recruited by a company seeking ‘adventurers’ for global peak expeditions, I joined a training weekend in the Alps. But the company, based right there in the Alps, blundered basic logistics and dangerously rushed altitude adjustments, leading to unaddressed medical incidents. Having experienced outdoor guiding and worked alongside seasoned mountaineers, their negligence was jarring. If they couldn’t handle a local weekend, how could they be trusted with a high-risk expedition miles away?

However, my passion remains undimmed. I had geared up mentally for this expedition, and I remain resolute in making it a reality.

Ascent in Partnership: An Appeal for Sponsorship & Support

Join Nicole’s Journey: Be a Catalyst for Change!

Are you looking to align your brand with a mission that truly matters? Do you want your products and services to shine on an international platform, while making a significant difference?

  1. Equipment: Every summit ascent requires top-tier equipment to ensure safety and success. By sponsoring our gear, your brand will be instrumental in every step we take on this momentous climb.
  2. Clothing: From basecamp to the summit, the right apparel is crucial. Your clothing line could be what keeps us warm and protected against the harshest conditions Denali has to offer.
  3. Travel Costs: Help us reach our starting point and back home safely. Every journey begins with a single step, and yours could be the one that sets us on our path.
  4. Carbon Offsetting: I am aiming to do this and any preperatory training as sustainably as possible. Being able to offset carbon emissions and use sustainable equipment, clothing and branding is something I would like to aim for wherever possible.
  5. Media and Filming: This is not just a climb; it’s a story waiting to be told. By covering media and filming expenses, your brand will be at the heart of every gripping frame, every breathtaking view, and every inspirational moment.

The Perks of Partnership: Why Outdoor Brands Should Sponsor Nicole’s Journey

Venturing into the realms of sponsorship, especially in the outdoor industry, isn’t just about a financial transaction. It’s about building relationships, strengthening brand narratives, and tapping into communities passionate about adventure. Here are some compelling reasons why outdoor brands should align with Nicole’s expedition:

  1. Enhanced Brand Visibility: As Nicole embarks on her notable journey, your brand will consistently feature in various media, from video diaries to blog posts and social updates, offering extensive exposure to an engaged audience.
  2. Authentic Content Creation: Real-life adventure scenarios provide an authentic backdrop for content. It’s not studio-made; it’s real challenges, real solutions, and real emotions, showcasing your products in the most genuine environment.
  3. Demonstrate Product Efficacy: What better way to prove the durability, efficiency, and reliability of your outdoor equipment or apparel than in challenging conditions like the slopes of Denali?
  4. Broadened Global Reach: As an international expedition with a captivating story, Nicole’s journey will appeal to audiences worldwide. This provides an opportunity for your brand to reach global markets and diverse demographics.
  5. Strengthened Community Ties: Associating with causes like endometriosis and cancer research reveals a brand’s humane side. It resonates with stories many can relate to, building trust and emotional connections within the community.
  6. Increase in Sales Potential: With your products being put to the test and emerging successfully, potential customers are more inclined to trust and invest in your offerings.
  7. Positive Environmental Image: The outdoor community values ecological responsibility. If your brand practices sustainability, sponsoring an expedition amplifies this message, catering to environmentally-conscious consumers.
  8. Engaging Storytelling Opportunities: Nicole’s tale is one of resilience, courage, and determination. Aligning with such a narrative provides your brand with a unique storytelling angle, making marketing campaigns more impactful.
  9. Establish Industry Leadership: Sponsorship showcases your brand as an industry leader, not just a passive player. It signifies your commitment to promoting adventure sports, research, and community welfare.
  10. Long-Term Association Benefits: The memories of this expedition will live on long after its completion. Your brand’s involvement ensures you’re remembered as a crucial part of that legacy, fostering long-term loyalty and brand recall.
Denali Mountain, uk woman calls for sponsorship to raise money and awareness for endometriosis

Together, We Rise

Prospective sponsors, envisage a partnership where we don’t just scale mountains. Lets champion change, support research, drive awareness and work together to take on this challenge.
Check out: Endo Ascents Patreon for more focused content.

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10 Responses

  1. Jennifer L Prince

    Oh wow! I had no idea you struggled so much with endometriosis, and it sounds like you’ve had such a journey with all of the medical treatments and such. I really think it’s great that you’re championing a cause with your climb. Also, I’m glad you gave yourself a reasonable goal as I definitely think that you can attain your funds by 2027. I’m hoping you get all of the corporate and personal sponsorship that you need. Thank you also for sharing your journey and being transparent!

  2. Umiko

    You have a great goal! Hiking while raising awareness of endometriosis. I hope you will get the right sponsors to make your goal a reality. My cousin has endometriosis, but I didn’t realize the pain she carried and that she couldn’t have her own baby until I read about your experiences. Wish you all the best of luck!

  3. Jan

    What an amazing goal you have! I wish you success in getting timely good sponsorship and scaling Denali. Endometriosis is indeed a condition that many doctors fail to diagnose in time. I admire your great cause and decision to take up this difficult challenge. You are very brave. Hats off to you!

  4. Clarice

    Thank you for this beautiful advocacy. I am also suffering from Endometriosis and it’s not really easy.
    Wishing you the best. Shared your post and hopefully we get more support in this worthy cause.

  5. Joanna

    You are embarking on a very challenging adventure, and I hope you will be able to get sponsorship in time for departure. You are doing it for such a great cause, endometriosis is such an overlooked illness that takes a really good doctor to diagnose. And that leads to delayed treatment. I can’t imagine hiking for so many days, to reach a difficult peak. You are very brave!

  6. Ha Truong

    Your plan to conquer Denali while raising awareness and funds for endometriosis is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The mission to shed light on endometriosis is truly commendable. I hope you’ll get the sponsorship who can support you!

  7. Lisa

    I wish you all the best in getting sponsorship for your climb Nicole. I have so many friends who went through your experience, and you’d think they would test for it sooner! Endometriosis is something that affects so many women and the sad thing is they have no idea, until they want to start trying for a family. You will conquer Denali and reach your goal I’m sure!

  8. Natascha

    What an inspiring post and an incredible adventure. I admire your strength to stay true to yourself and end the colloboration with your previous sponsor. Although this means more work and uncertainty to reach your goal to climb Denali! But I am sure you will succeed!

  9. Linda (LD Holland)

    How great to have a goal such as scaling Denali. And to have a target for achieving this. I was disappointed to hear that your original sponsor did not work out. Good to have decided on such an important topic as endometriosis as your funding focus. Sadly your story is not unique in dealing with endometriosis. I hope you are successful in finding sponsors who can support your goals and see the benefits for them and for addressing endometriosis. Good luck!

  10. Holly Calvert

    What an incredible goal Nicole! Your story is one of inspiration, I have only known you a short time, but seen and heard about the pain you go through daily, and how strong you are to have had to be dealing with it. Period pain for me is bad enough at times… I can’t imagine having it daily!

    In conquering Danali im sure it will bring hope to so many, by contributing to research and raising more awareness around Endometriosis! It’s sad to think that as women we get told “its all in our heads” because womens’ health should matter just as much! X

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