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Welcome to Travels and Wandering, Are you looking to work with an adventure travel writer and content creator? Would you like us to review, test or develop your adventure experience, day trip or expedition? Well you have come to the right place.

Travels and Wandering is open to collaborating in a number of ways with partnerships, ambassadorships and brand reviews. We can negotaiate a suitable plan of action to create high quality content for your brand; increasing exposure and utilising our platform audiences to your needs.

Whether you would like a social media campaign, product development, a full write up or a youtube promotion, it’s completely up to you. The core aim of this blog is to bring appropriate advice and reccomendations from those who walk the walk.

As customers become increasingly aware of marketing strategies and trends they are looking to bloggers, vloggers and micro influencers who they feel they can trust to reccomend products and experiences in a more authentic way. That’s where Travels and Wandering comes in; All articles are written by those who have first hand experience and with expertise in key areas.

Meet The Nicole – CEO of Travels and Wandering

About Nicole

Hello, I’m the founder of this adventure travel blog. I use any opportunity I can to travel or go exploring outdoors; whether thats short weekend trips or multi-destination adventures. 

Rather than simply ticking places off the bucket list or snapping a picture. I enjoy exploring, having fun experiences or a bit of escapism.

I used to be a full time outdoor instructor (kayaking, canoeing, climbing and navigation) and have worked extensively in sports coaching, fitness and sports science in various locations around the world. 

I use every opportunity to combine my career sport, health and leisure with travel.

Adventure travel blogger exploring around the world

Nicole Booth: A Trailblazer in Adventure Travel and Sports

🌍 Passionate Adventure Travel Writer & Blogger

As the proud owner of Travels and Wandering, I share a trove of enthralling adventure experiences from around the globe. My blog is a hub for adventure enthusiasts, featuring detailed accounts of my escapades, insights into various cultures, and tips for fellow travelers.

🤝 Collaborations and Brand Partnerships

I have a rich history of collaborating with leading companies in the adventure travel sector. My work ranges from promoting new experience packages, testing adventure products, to providing freelance consultancy. My objective is to bring authentic and engaging content to my audience while highlighting the best in the adventure travel industry.

🧗 Brand Ambassador & Adventure Expert

I am honored to represent Mapo Tapo, specialists in climbing holidays and ski mountaineering, and Soul Fire Co, providers of top-tier climbing gear. My role involves trying their various packages, sharing my experiences, and offering honest, in-depth reviews.

🌏 Global Experience & Diverse Background

My journey has taken me from the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand and Greece to my current home in Lancashire, England. My extensive travels across Europe, Oceania, and North America have enriched my perspective and expertise in adventure travel.

🏆 Academic and Coaching Excellence

At the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), I serve as a lecturer in strength and conditioning, leading research in mountaineering and outdoor activities. I coordinate elite scholarship athletes and provide lifestyle support, drawing on my extensive background with Neilson Active Holidays. My experience covers everything from yoga and fitness to paddleboarding.

🔬 Research and Training Expertise

My work extends to researching the effects of fear on cognitive function in outdoor environments, collaborating with CognitiveExplorer, and preparing mountain school expedition teams. My practical experience is enhanced by my previous roles with the British Mountaineering Council and Women Climb, where I advocated for inclusivity in outdoor sports.

📚 Learn More About My Journey

Dive deeper into my adventure travel expertise, coaching credentials, and industry experience. Visit Nicole Booth Strength and Conditioning and Athlete Now, my sport directory platform connecting athletes with practitioners.

Partner with Travels and Wandering for Unique Adventure Sports and Travel Opportunities

🌟 Bespoke Content Creation Services:

Elevate your brand with our tailor-made content packages. We specialize in crafting compelling written content, captivating photography, and engaging video material, all designed to resonate with adventure travel and sports enthusiasts. Our SEO-optimized content ensures enhanced online visibility and engagement for your brand.

🤝 Collaborate with a Niche-Focused Partner:

We’re on the lookout for adventure travel and sports brands who share our passion and ethos. Partnering with Travels and Wandering means aligning your brand with a dedicated and enthusiastic audience, eager for authentic adventure experiences.

🏋️ Expert Sport and Fitness Services:

Leverage our extensive expertise in sports and fitness. We offer a range of services, including:

  • High-Performance Sports Camps & Retreats: Utilising over 16 years of professional experience and highly qualified to organise and run elite sports performance camps.
  • Dynamic Fitness and Training Sessions: From resort exercise classes, yoga, and personal training to training new instructors.
  • Adventure Sports Coaching: Exclusive paddleboarding sessions and more, tailored to energize and engage participants of all levels.

🚀 Get Involved in Our Upcoming Adventures:

Whether you’re interested in featuring your excursions or collaborating on innovative adventure travel projects, we’re excited to hear from you. Join us in crafting unforgettable experiences that resonate with adventure seekers worldwide.

📩 Connect with Us:

Ready to elevate your brand and reach a passionate audience? Contact Nicole at [email protected] to discuss partnership opportunities and how we can bring unique value to your adventure sports or travel brand.

We also have a fantastic team of contributors who have a range of expertise

Meet Our Team Of Guest Adventurers

Adventure travel blogger, provider and expedition leader

Chris Whittaker – Global Shenanigans CEO, Full Time Adventurer, Outdoor Instructor, Expedition Leader

Chris has spent his adult life working in the outdoor industry and combining this with his love for travel to become a full time adventurer. Chris has a wealth of experience from taking groups to summit Mt Kilimanjaro, Leading sea kayaking expeditions in British Columbia, the Sicilian islands or Baja. He also worked as a snowboard instructor in Japan and Canada.

Denis Elterman – Photographer, Filmmaker and Expedition Guide

Denis is an international award winning photographer and filmmaker. He brings his unique expertise to the Travels and Wandering team, sharing top photography tips and so much more. He has visited over 80 countries and all 7 continents. He is originally from Latvia and studied photography in Manchester before embarking on an impressive career combining his skills and passion with travel. He has recently made the leap in his career to focus on expedition guiding and lecturing.

Capturing The Moment: Advice From A Professional our adventure travel professional photographer

Alexandra in front of Neko Harbour, Antarctica adventure travel photographer and antarctic ambassador

Alexandra Hansen – Full time Expedition Guide 

Alexandra has spent the last two years working as a Lecturer and Expedition Guide on all 7 continents. She is a certified Polar Guide, Zodiac Driver and Snorkel Instructor. She is passionate about the world’s cultures, history, and wild spaces.

Meike Simms – Zoologist turned Ecologist & Travel Writer

Meike is a travel writer and zoologist turned ecologist. She has spent years travelling the world and exploring the flora and fauna in exciting locations. Meikes articles share some of the best locations and tips from her own experiences along the way. 

Meike Simms AKA Wholesome Travel Girl

Get the low-down on seasonal life with adventure travel bloggers at travels and wandering

Cookie – Experienced Seasonaire, Ski Guide, Sponsored Athlete & Owner of Cookies Ride Along

Simon Cook A.K.A. ‘Cookie’ lives life between the seasons swapping the Alpine slopes for the Mediterranean beaches. He is highly accomplished in a number of sports (as you can see) including skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and much more. He has turned season life into a successful career and made a name for himself in both seasons around Europe with active holiday companies and brands.