Kayaking The Inside Passage – The Top 3 Moments
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As we kayaked the inside passage we got to wild camping along the mountainious shores, welcomed by local first nations and experience close encounters with Grizzly bears and whales; The inside passage offers something so unique and unbelievable to any who dares to voyage.

Kayaking, Hiking and Camping Nærøyfjord, Norway
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The Norwegian Fjords, an iconic landscape that truley lives up to its reputation. The dramatic backdrops carved by glaciers drawing visitors from around the world every year. Kayaking and exploring these Fjords is on most peoples bucket lists and we were no different. We opted for a multi day kayaking, … Read More

Exploring The Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand
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The Marlborough Sounds consists of beautiful forested mountains, sunken valleys and 1500km of stunning coastline. Situated on northern edge of New Zealand’s jaw dropping South Island. They are formed of four main sounds which make up this area. Marlborough is known around the world for its wine making. In fact … Read More

The Lake District Series – Ennerdale Water
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Ennerdale water is a remote glacial lake that is tucked away in the north west of the national park surrounded by mountains and mature conifers. I knew very little about this stunning lake, with the neighbouring village of Ennerdale bridge set back from the lake, giving this lake even more remoteness. The location of the lake is also further for anyone travelling from most of England; I wish I knew about it sooner.

Hike and Bamboo Boat Safari at Periyar National Park, India
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In the cultural heartland of South India, Tamil Nadu, on the eastern front. A highlight in itself, the astounding ancient temples and well-preserved cultural traditions of Tamil Nadu make for a stark contrast to the more relaxing, coconut tree adorned western state of Kerala.

Beachcomber Island and Latouka, Fiji
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The tropical country of Fiji lies in the south pacific ocean, in the ring of fire. Famed for its palm trees, sandy beaches, coral reef, blue sea. Beachcomber Island lies in the famous paradise of the Manamuca Islands and is the perfect base to enjoy the tropical islands Fiji.

What To See And Do In Palairos, Aktio-Vonitsa, Greece
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Palairos is located in the south ionian sea on mainland Greece. Palairos is technically a City and a modern town but doesn’t feel like it. Instead it feels like a Greek village with all the charm and history to go with it. Palairos boasts one of the most beautiful sunsets … Read More

Maligne Lake & Spirit Island – Canada
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Surrounded by the snow peaked valley of the gods this lake was fed by glacial melt water from the 3 glaciers you can see from spirit island. This stunning turquoise lake is accessible by car or shuttle buses from jasper and should be on everyones bucket list. Disclaimer: Please note … Read More

Golden, Yoho & Kootenay National Park – Canada
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The town of Golden in British Columbia is based to the west of the Rocky National Park and is a popular destination in winter for skiers and snowboarders. In summer this place is a little quieter but has some amazing mountain biking trails, hiking trails and stunning scenery to match. … Read More

Sustainable Sailing Supporting Locals In Croatia
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We reached out and interviewed the owners of Horizon Sail to bring you this article showing you how this pair combined their passion for travel and the beautiful Dalmatian coast in Croatia. After hosting hundreds of travellers each summer season along the pristine coastline, they soon realised the hidden gems … Read More

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