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  1. Carol Colborn says:

    The Top of Europe, Interlaken’ or Harder Kulm, is a breathtaking sight. I wouldn’t go for all those adventure activities. I will go just to see the beauty of the place, including Adventure Valley.

  2. Jungfraujoch and Interlaken were destinations in my European trip last year when it was cancelled due to our ongoing global situation. Your photos are beautiful and I look forward to be at the Top of Europe one day!

  3. jacqueline says:

    This is perfect! I am based in Switzerland now, and am planning a trip to the Interlaken area again soon. I will def bookmark this for the near future.

  4. Interlaken looks so beautiful – have been to a few other spots in Switzerland but need to add this to my list!

  5. Whoa those views are breathtaking! I have to admit, I would also take the carriage up haha. I really need to put Interlaken onto my Europe bucket list! So beautiful there.

  6. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    We had a short visit to Switzerland but enough to now we want to go back.  We loved the views from on high.  But sure missed some of the fun things to do like paragliding and canyoning.  Although we did watch the canopies sail down. Jungraujoch is definitely on our plans on a return visit.  I too would spend my time gawking ou the window on the rides up and down.

  7. Nancy Hann says:

    Wow! Those views are gorgeous. So many colors in those scenes. The cable car to the top sounds like so much fun and getting to the Top of Europe sounds great as well. You had me at “Lindt chocolate factory”. That’s my absolute favorite chocolate. Thanks for sharing all these great options.

  8. Switzerland is so beautiful. These mountains are like a picture postcard. I’m afraid of heights so maybe not the adventure valley but would love to explore the town, lake and hike up to see these views 😀 I would love to visit Switzerland more often, lots of saving needed

  9. Looks absolutely gorgeous. I’ve had a craving for Switzerland ever since our trip was cancelled there last year. I’d definitely fancy doing some hiking there and drinking mulled wine, lol.

  10. This looks beautiful! Although I love the idea of hiking up the to the Top of Interlaken, taking the carriage up certainly sounds like a great option, especially at the time of day you visited. Those photos are just stunning! The top of Europe sounds fab too. I’m sorry you didn’t have as great views when you arrived but the journey certainly looked like it was worth it nonetheless.

  11. Carriages up to the ski resort?! That’s cool! Interlaken look amazing and I will keep an eye out for the Thun post too. So many great adventures!