Visiting The Top Of Europe
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Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe. Delve into the two main routes that lead you to its majestic vistas and understand why it’s an attraction you shouldn’t miss.

What To See And Do In Thun, Switzerland
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The city of Thun sits beside the lake of the same name in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland region. With an 12th century castle and 13th century church, this stunning swiss town carries all the charm you’d expect from a European lakeside town. If that wasn’t enough the back drop of the … Read More

Interlaken and Harder Kulm, Switzerland
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From stunning dramatic mountains, piercingly blue glacier fed lakes, green lush farmland to fantastic day trips for every kind of traveller Interlakken is truley any travellers dream.

Top Things To Do And See In Montreux, Switzerland
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This beautiful town on the edge of lake Geneva was a hidden gem I discovered when looking for a relaxing two night stay in 2014. I wanted something close enough to family I was visiting just over the border in France and wanted to get just a glimpse of the … Read More