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  1. I remember going to the Hanmer Springs about 12 years ago and having a great time, such a lovely place. I didn’t check out much more of the area as we were only passing through on a road trip and so your post was great to tell me what more there is to do there. If I had known about those golf caddy carts to get you around town I would have hired one of those!

  2. Your pictures are absolutely stunning. New Zealand has always been on my bucket list and you’ve made me want to go there even more! Thanks for the tips 

  3. oh my goodness this place looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing and taking these wonderful pictures. NZ is on my list of places I’d love to go once I get the guts to travel outside of the US!

  4. Yukti Agrawal says:

    Wow it sounds so relaxing, hot pools, hiking in nature and as I have never traveled to NZ, it sounds very tempting to me. I hope, I will visit Hanmer springs soon with lots of nature hiking at this area.

  5. I have traveled in NZ but missed out on Hanmer Springs. I would love to visit the hot springs and there seems to be a variety of hiking opportunities too. We plan to visit NZ again and will definitely look up this area of the country. 🙂

  6. I have been to NZ a couple of times (the first for 2 months) & not heard of Hanmer but I love the idea of those hot springs. I think a visit is what we all need right now. I left last January keen to go back for more sooner rather than later & will certainly be adding Hanmer to my itinerary. Thanks for highlighting.

  7. Chirasree says:

    Wow! Loved reading your post. I haven’t been to New Zealand and would love to explore it someday. Thanks for sharing! 

  8. I absolutely love hot springs, so Hanmer Spring seems to be the right place for me! I went to New Zealand but stayed on the North Island, what was fine. But next time I will have to see the south too. There seems to be fabulous hiking and what is better for tensce muscles than a soak in hot water.

  9. This looks like such a great, relaxing place. The sceneries are soothing for the mind and soul – and nobody needs to ask me twice to glide into a hot pool! This would be such a great retreat when I’m stressed out – after one day in this amazing surroundings, I’d be a brand new person.

  10. Leyla Giray Alyanak says:

    New Zealand has taken time to get on my radar screen – perhaps because it is at the absolute opposite end of the earth from where I live. But clearly there’s something in the air because I keep finding gorgeous or fascinating things to do there… I’m going to have to go, right??

  11. That pool area seems like exactly what I would need right now, a vacation with only relaxing on the agenda. Yes please! New Zealand sure is on mycket bucketlist, not for this year though, but hopefully pretty soon 🙂

  12. What a fun town with so much to do! It’s been more than 20 years since I’ve been to NZ and I don’t remember this being on our radar back then, but it is now.

  13. I am a fan of hot springs. So I really like the idea of visiting Hanmer. Adds to my list. I would love to visit the South Island of New Zealand one day.

  14. jacqueline says:

    The color of the water looks too good to be real! A huge fan of hot springs, especially ones immersed fully in nature. I’d love to hike and soak in these for an afternoon

  15. New Zealand is high up on my list and I enjoy a relaxing slow holidays. So, although there are many adventure moments here, I’d love a day out at Hamner Springs.

  16. I love everything relaxing – such as saunas, steam rooms, and hot springs. Therefore, I’m suffering right now since this is the last thing I can do during the pandemic. Nevertheless, through your post, I was able to re-install this feeling of deep relaxation. Those pools look just dreamy!

  17. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    We had planned to visit Australia and New Zealand in 2020.  And yo know that happened to that plan!  I can see why we would want to visit Hammer Springs.  I love a dip in a hot spring after an active day hiking.  What a great variety in the outdoor adventures!  Good for a few days for sure.

  18. Looks beautiful, I love hot springs and would love to try the Hanmer Springs pools, even if it isn’t technically a hot spring.

  19. What a great list of things to do! And those pools look amazing, I love that they have different temps to work your way up to! Definitely pinning this to keep for the future!