What to see and do in Parga, Greece

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Just north of Preveza and south of Igoumenitsa along the Ionian coast, lies the greek town of Parga. Nestled into rugged mountains surrounded by nature, this colourful and vibrant town has a lot to offer its visitors.

What to see and do in Parga, Greece
Along the Parga Waterfront

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Along the water front you should head to the board walk bay (south of the castle) to eat in one of its many restaurants. You are really spoilt for choice. It does get busy and for the best restaurants you will need to book ahead. Now this is what I’d call a busy town, so don’t expect it to be quiet, but it does have a great atmosphere and it’s a far cry from the the likes of crowds you would find on the islands of Santorini or Zante or cities.

I visited here on my days off when I fancied a change of scenery away from the towns I was based working in (Sivota, Palairos or Vassiliki).

Getting To and From Parga, Greece

Drone footage of Parga from Unspalsh Callin Stan
Drone footage of Parga from Unspalsh Callin Stan

Parga is on the mainland so easy accessible by car. I’d really recommend a car just because there is so much to see and do around Parga and along the whole coastline.

  • The nearest airport is in Preveza.

Before flying home from Preveza, go and relax at Kiani akti or check out Apollon restaurant just opposite the airport for a friendly welcome and homemade greek dishes.

If you are flying into Athens and renting a car to travel around this beuatiful country (which I highly reccommend), then it is about 5 hours straight through via the Pelloponese and along the southern shoreline of the Gulf of Corinth.

There unfortunately isn’t any trains to Parga.

Parga makes a great stop on anyones journey, wether you fly direct to preveza or have Parga as a stop on your road trip. If you are planning to explore the Greece further than the main tourist spots (which I highly recommend), then don’t be afriad to hire a car, or jump on a ferry to see more.

Where to Eat in Parga?

You can’t really go wrong but as I said you would need to book ahead for most of the water front restaurants especially if there is more than two of you.

My Favourite Greek Restaurants:

  • Petros Taverna for it’s location just the street back from the sea, they also do a great steak.
  • If you have a car Panorama is fantastic and a little outside of the town but has amazing views like the name suggest.

I have to be honest here when I was working a season I would crave the odd non greek cuisine just for a change. So most of the time I would go for Shanghai for an awesome Chinese. This is on the water front as well (pictured above).

Top Things to See and Do Around Parga

The island of Panagia in Parga, Greece
The island of Panagia in Parga, Greece

Explore the Beaches & Waterfront of Parga

  • Visit the near by Piso Krioneri Beach
  • Aphrodites Cave – which can be accessed on many of the cruises and boat tours.
  • There is a sandy but busy beach called Paralia Valtos where most of the hotels are to the left of the castle. On our days off we spent a lot of days just relaxing in Tango Beach Bar for drinks by the pool. It is family friendly and if you head here early in the season or late it is a lot quieter.
  • Don’t forget to look out for the island of Panagia just off the mainland. You can rent a boat or kayak and explore around here.

Acheron River

Panorama taken on my phone at the bottom of the Acheron River
Panorama taken on my phone at the bottom of the Acheron River

I visited here few times on my day off (#dayoffclub #myjobsbetterthanyourholiday) and it was so much fun. I should warn you the water is freezing. You can float down the river in a dingy, go horse back riding, hike or just enjoy the amazing scenery.

There is a full-day option to visit the Acheron springs and Acheron river, Ali Pasha Castle, and Sivota for about £130.00 with local guides via trip advisor.

The Wildlife Around Parga

  • Kalodiki Marsh
  • Amvrakikos Gulf
  • If you head north up the coast there are wild bears in the national parks that border Albania. There is a growing trend in tourism to support the protection of these animals by offering safe tours to the area.

History in Parga

  • Head up to Holy Church Of Agia Eleni for awesome views
  • Walk to the Venetian castle on the rock. This is viewable all along the waterfront and a well known landmark for visitors and local.

Day Trips From Parga: Explore Further Along the Ionian Coast

Picture of Bella Vraka Beach, Sivota, Thesprotia taken from the Spa at my work
Picture of Bella Vraka Beach, Sivota, Thesprotia taken from the Spa at my work

Many people visit Parga as part of a day trip from Sivota, Corfu or Nidri on coaches. However If you are based in Parga then Trip Advisor also has a great private day trips including this one from Parga to Bella Vraka Beach, Sivota and back with the entry to Kanali beach included for £88.07.

If you are limited for time then I would recommend this trip a lot of guests did it and some of the staff too who all had a lot of fun.

Island Hopping from Parga

The Ionian islands offer some unique gems along the way. Many will be familia with the Corfu or Zante (Zakynthos) but there are other stunning gems hidden along this coastline.


Kefalonia Island is quite far south but it is an underated favourite for those who want to visit a quieter island in Greece. It offers something for everyone, with pristine beaches, charming villages not yet taken over by mass tourism, good considitions on the water to explore by kayak or sailing and jaw dropping mountanious trails.

Paxos Island

If you are in Parga for a week or more I would definitely recommend trying to get to Paxos island.

Paxos is often nicknamed as the Caribbean of the Mediterranean and listed in the top greek islands by numerous magazines and bloggers for a reason.

I have covered this more in my article about the island (I went from Sivota on a private Yatch due to the company I worked for having these available for staff to skipper for the day when not in use) but there are day trips available from Parga to this beautiful island.

Most of my time in Lakka Bay was spent in the water, but we did visit the village for food and explore.
Most of my time in Lakka Bay was spent in the water, but we did visit the village for food and explore.

Including heading to Blue Caves on Corfu via Antipaxos with Get your Guide. Snorkelling trips on Paxos are also great fun. A lot of staff from my work did this on their annual leave.

Lefkada Island

Lefkada isn’t far from Parga and we would often drive on our days off in Sivota past Parga to Lekfada. The Island has so much to offer visitors and residents. From stunning beaches, waterfalls and mountains to shopping, nightlife and traditional greek communities in the towns.

Take a day trip to Lefkada Island from Parga, Greece
Take a day trip to Lefkada Island from Parga, Greece

The best part of visiting this island… You can drive to Lefkada from the mainland, which makes it even better. If you like adventure like me why not:

  • Paraglide on Lefkada
  • Learn to Kitesurf on Lefkada
  • Learn to Windsurf
  • Snorkelling

Check out my article on this amazing island here. I was lucky enough to be able to spend day’s off here over a few seasons and do a several weeks covering holidays and injury on one of the resorts on the island.

Many people visit Parga as part of a day trip from Sivota or Nidri on coaches. You can also visit the sand spit at Sivota, blue lagoon and Parga on a full day boat trip. If you are limited for time then I would recommend this trip a lot of guests did it and some of the staff who had a lot of fun, however I would recommend seeing Parga and the surrounding areas more for many of the reasons I mentioned above.

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    Wow.. it’s so colorful. I have yet to visit the Ionian part of Greece, I mostly travel through the Cyclades Islands. Although I love the white and blue architecture those colorful houses by the sea look super dreamy. 

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    I’ve only ever been to Athens during one cold February weekend so this Town is just a complete 180 in comparison in terms of atmosphere. Beautiful photos!

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