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  1. This looks absolutely amazing and Norway is so so beautiful! We spend our summer in Finland and we always plan to drive over to Norway but something else keeps coming up. We did do road trips there when I was a kid. Kayaking in Norway would be so much fun. 

  2. The Norwegian Fjords are one of the most beautiful places in Europe for me. You had a great trip. Kayaking, hiking, and camping in Nærøyfjord is a fantastic adventure. I had no time to try kayaking during my Norway road trip, so I have to back there. I also haven’t reached the summit of Breiskrednosi. I hope to do that one day. Your tips on how to arrange such a trip are handy! 

  3. Wow! I love kayaking and hiking and Norway. This tour through the Nærøyfjord with the hike up to the summit of Breiskrednosi fits the bill. The scenery looks so amazing. And kudos to you that you continued despite the pain! Do you know if there is a chance to rent only the kayaks and do this trip self-guided?

  4. This is absolutely stunning scenery, the kayaking and hiking sound amazing…ha ha not so sure about the camping bit but i’d go for the day trip of both seperately.

  5. Carol Colborn says:

    Wow not only did you kayak 2 Fjords, you also hiked to the summit of a glacier-topped mountain, and camped! But oh my doing it with a foot flare-up…I can feel your determination!

  6. I have always wanted to visit the Fjords, but I had never thought about camping and kayaking there! Its such a great idea! These views are nothing like the campsites I go to near my home! Every picture you posted is stunning!

  7. Such stunning scenery! I would love to kayak, but the 25km hike is definitely not up my alley, lol! I do love adventure-based travels and I think Norway would be an amazing place to explore.

  8. I am so stinking envious of this trip! Norway is pretty high on my list. I’m not sure I could make it up the mountains though. I usually try to make my way down them. Is the cost per person for the tour? 

  9. Although I’m based in northern Germany which is not exactly around the corner from Norway, however, not as far as for others, I’ve been there only once. Firstly, since I’m based in the north, I tend to travel south, obviously. And secondly, I’m a bit scared of Norwegian prices – I’ve heard they are just crazy. But as soon as I’ve saved up a bit, I’ll go – your post is definitely tempting

  10. L D Holland says:

    We have such great memories of our visit to the Norwegian Fjords.  We did lots of interesting day trips when we visited. But I would love to stay longer and plan to kayak and hike.  Wild camping may not be on our plans!  I love the sites you got to enjoy at a slower pace.  Sorry to hear you had physical challenges on the hike.  But some great memories

  11. What an amazing adventures! How fortunate to enjoy these amazing scenery, looking at waterfalls from the water. And hats up to you for kept going to the summit even though you were in veinypain. Salute to your guide and the rest of the group who encouraged you to keep moving. You nailed this adventure! 

  12. Puloma Bhattacharya says:

    Norway is a beautiful country and your trip to Naeroyfjord proves it. Your epic hiking experience to the Brieskrednosi summit is truly amazing with jaw dropping views of the snow clad mountains. Kayaking among these ginormous fjords is relaxing and of course camping at Dyrdal Nada space in woods is adventurous too.

  13. Great Post! I have read your other posts which are really informative for any traveler. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful informative information on your blog. Enjoy yourself and more kayaking adventures

  14. I have wanted to go to Norway and kayaking there sounds incredible! I keep seeing kayaking in the Fjords and get tempted to book. I’ll definitely look at Much Better Adventures. Thank you for sharing this first hand experience.

  15. There are a lot of things to consider packing for this kind of trip, many I never thought about. You clearly had some adventures in a beautiful part of Norway. Good for you for continuing the hike, I would probably have given up at the start!