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  1. This view from above is just amazing – so idyllic. It’s great that such a serene place at the same time offers so many activities. Must be the perfect place for at least a long weekend.

  2. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    I did not realize that the Lake District was so big with so many different areas. Amazing that it is free to visit without a pass. I’d love to get out on the water and this wimp would definitely be in a wet suit. I’d definitely be bringing my hiking shoes to wander the trails too. 
    The Lodore Falls Hotel looks like a great spot to stay and enjoy this area for a few days.  

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I have heard of the Lakes District through my boyfriend who used to live in England. Otherwise I’d have never known the UK had such beautiful lakes, honestly. I think I’d avoid winter. I’ll probably opt to go in summer so I can try paddleboarding. It does looks like a perfect place

  4. I tried SUP’ing a few years ago and loved it! I went a few times again last year. These lakes look like very beautiful spots to be out on the water doing it. I’ve never heard of Derwent before

  5. I can definitely see ourselves packing a paddleboard and our hiking shoes, park the van and enjoy what Derwent Water has to offer! We’ll be sure to park up early.