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  1. WOW what an amazing adventure and to be so close to my ultimate ocean mammal… SO jealous it looks like you had a great trip and a wonderful article…

  2. Wow this was quite an adventure! I only ever seen grizzly bears and orcas on TV! I think I would have panicked at seeing both, but clearly you’re braver than me! The nature here is pretty amazing too.

  3. Puloma Bhattacharya says:

    What an amazing experience on kayaking the inside passage.Your 72 hours expedition was an epitome of adventure one can imagine and boy what a close encounter beith a killer whale with a nudge on your boat and the bubble net feeding technique for hunting fishes is so cool to watch.You guys were lucky to capture it! And you also got to see the hump back whales flapping up close to the shore and the grizzly bear on the prowl. Loved reading it thoroughly.

  4. Wow, this is amazing to see all this marine and wildlife in the area, a little scary at the same time seeing how easy it is for them to manuever in the water and can change at a whim. But also very exhilerating at the same time I’m sure.

  5. What an adventure! Seeing grizzly bears up close like this is my dream!

  6. What an incredible experience you have had! Not only seeing so many orcas, but also grizzly bears. I like that you have taken such a slow trip, kayaking, in order to be able to connect with nature and observe the wildlife. The feeding circle of the killer whales sounds so interesting and how lucky you were to see it in real life.

  7. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    Kayaking the Inside Passage sounds like an amazing adventure.  While it would be amazing to see a Killer Whale.  I would want it to stay at some distance.  We have done a lot of whale watching and saw so many lazy humpback whales.  But to see them bubble net feeding would be stunning.  Definitely two experiences that would have made the trip amazing for me!

  8. Pamela Mukherjee says:

    This is an incredible outing sight. How incredible to  see that you had such a close experiences with wildlife in their natural habitat. This makes me want to visit this place super soon

  9. It is an unusual and challenging kayaking trip. I am very impressed with Chris’s adventure! It requires a lot of knowledge and preparation because so many threats are waiting on the route. The kayak can tip over so quickly if a whale gets too close. It was amazing that you could admire so many whales, and everything ended happily on the route. And the bears on the shore! Excellent, very inspiring story.

  10. What an amazing trip! How incredible to see the whales and grizzlies.  I’m glad you stayed safe on this adventure!

  11. Ossama Alnuwaiser says:

    It is always fun to interact with wildlife. It totally felt the astonishment when seeing the Orca for the first time. I would do the same. It is good to read about others feeling and experience while traveling. I really enjoyed it.

  12. This is an incredible outing.  How magical that you had such up close experiences with wildlife in their natural habitat.  This makes me want to add the inside passage to my bucket list.