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  1. So glad your experience here was as amazing as predicted. I had to come back and read the review after you shared about their new accomodations and activities.

  2. Mark and Chuck says:

    WOW! It looks amazing, COLD, but amazing! We’re Floridians and don’t do cold well any more. But, this really makes us want to reconsider. 

  3. This looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to visit Finland! I need to check out Apukka.

  4. Your lodging looks amazing! I’m not one for a cold weather vacation, but you may have changed my mind. Love the horse drawn sleds too. It’s so great that have so many options of the accomodation and each has it’s own charm by the looks of it. What an adventure!

  5. This looks like a really awesome, beautiful place to visit and resort to stay at. I love that they offer the experiences on site.

  6. Carol Colborn says:

    Wow so many lodging options but I would fo komsio first, then kiommi, then aurora cabin then aurora cabin before the igloo. But I should remember to book Apukka a year in advance at least!!! Which activity would you pick if you could only do one night here and hadn’t experienced any of them before?

  7. You had me at hiking and history but then you added the reindeer safari – Apukka Resort sounds like a dream destination I need to make a reality!

  8. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    Lapland is definitely on my travel wish list. I love the idea of staying at a place like the Apukka Resort on the edge of wilderness.  It is always great when a resort is committed to and delivers on sustainable tourism.

    I would definitely want one of the traditional style hut with a glass roof to watch the views.

  9. Wow this looks incredible!!! Did you happen to see the northern lights during your stay? 

  10. Jacqueline says:

    This is my literal dream! Ugh, the glass roofed igloos and husky sledding.. this resort has it all.
    Also, I didn’t know I wanted to Lapland until this post. I wish that Finland was just a bit more affordable but this is a huge experience on my bucket list. Gotta start saving up money though, I had a look at Apukka after reading this the first time and it’s really well priced (thanks for the post).

  11. Jamie Italiane says:

    This sounds like you will have an amazing trip. I would love to try to stay in an glass roofed room or Cabin. I love animals too, so would love to meet them all in this nature heaven.

  12. I am obsessed with this sauna and cabin, the scenery and all the activities on offer!!! Gives me a reason to go to Finland, just wow. Can’t wait to see your full review

  13. I always tend to travel south – knowing that I’m missing out on a lot since the nature is just amazing up north. Lapland is now high on my list, and this accommodation looks just perfect to enjoy the surrounding. Already the glassroof is amazing. I probably would spend the night watching the stars 😀