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  1. This is much too cold of an activity for me, but your pictures are gorgeous! I am more of a warm weather vacationer myself. But it really does look amazing and i’m now intrigued 🤩 

  2. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    We would love to visit Finland one day. The Pyha-luosto National Park looks like a great spot to visit for a winter wonderland.  The resort would be an awesome base.  I would definitely want to see the ice climbing wall.  Even if I had no intention of trying it myself!  So fun to experience it through your visit.

  3. Although I’m looking very much forward to Winter, this is a magical post. Lapland is high on my list – although I always tend to travel to warm countries. However, your post is truly inspiring to make it to this winter wonderland 🙂

  4. I haven’t tried ice climbing yet. It looks inspiring. Such a lesson would be helpful to me because I really like glaciers too. Pyha-Luosto National Park, Lapland, seems to be a great place to learn. It’s great that you have shared the prices – they are much more affordable than I thought. The site looks impressive.

  5. Carol Colborn says:

    I don’t do climbing but it looks like you had a lot of fun and realy enjoy it. I’d love to watch people climb on ice or just be in this beautiful winter landscape. With the aurora borealus to boot, I might just have to take on the cold!

  6. I wish I could attempt the ice climbing, but the best place for me would be staying by the fire in the cabin, then venturing out to take a few photos. My son is looking for a challenge, so I am going to forward a link to him.

  7. Puloma Bhattacharya says:

    Pyha luosto is such an amazing place to explore as a getaway. The Takukangas icefall is magnificent structure to go for skiing, snowboarding and fat biking. Spending vacation time in such a beautiful resort and chasing the Aurora at night is priceless.

  8. Subhashish Roy says:

    Although we have been to Finland we missed on this part. It’s so beautiful to see the formation of ice. Would love to visit Lapland sometime to do the Ice climbing among other natural beauty.

  9. Wow that looks so magical! The landscapes, the sceneries, the sights and seeing that through ice climbing must be an amazing experience. Lapland is one place we hope to visit one day and seeing it through an activity like ice climbing has us even more convinced.

  10. Ice climbing. That sounds and looks really cool. And these photos are so gorgeous, just look at that sky.

  11. I’ve never done and probably won’t ever do an ice climbing, although I would like to watch people doing it. Sounds like a fun activity, and you and your fiancee enjoyed it much and plan another trip for 2024. I just can’t imagine wearing layers but I believe it’s really essentials.

  12. Thank you Nicole, we’ve been trying to find another place to go ice climbing. We’ve done the glacier climb in Iceland and fancied doing one on a frozen waterfall. Your pictures look amazing as always. 

  13. I have never tried ice climbing but it sounds like so much fun! I would absolutely love to do something like this. That is definitely a unique experience, especially in this little winter magic fairyland.

  14. This place looks magical! My partner and I are always looking for good travel destinations for skiing and winter sports that are not too crowded. This seems like the perfect place. I’ve never been ice climbing, but after reading this, I’m definitely adding this to my bucket list!

  15. Oh what an experience! It looks like the perfect winter wonderland scene. Never ice climbing before, it’s an experience I would definitely want to try at least once, and what a place to do it in.

  16. Ambica Gulati says:

    The spectacular views are so inviting. However, after reading about the climb, I realised that I should also strengthen my pelvic area and legs for this. But even a hot chocolate amid snowbound environs is a great way to enjoy a holiday.