Image by Samuel Ferrara
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Trekking The Selvaggio Blu In Sardinia

The Selvaggio Blu trail in Sardinia, is renowned for its beauty and difficulty. The route starts in Pedra Longa and follows a goats trail along the Sardinian coastline to finish at Cala Luna. Lush green Forrest, dramatic Tyrrhenian sea cliffs and turquoise waters all line this trail.

This multi-day trek from inversion consists of hiking, scrambling, free climbing and a little abseiling accompanied by camping under tarps, in a cave, tent and on a beach; whilst challenging fitness and endurance levels with the summer humidity and unpredictable rainfall.

It was the early summer of 2018, when I embarked on this trip guided by the amazing Tania Noakes and provided by Inversion Travel. Our first experience with Inversion Travel was in the Spanish Pyrenees Ice Climbing earlier that year. We loved the guys who ran this company and what they were offering so booked on to this trip too.


The Town: Cala Gonone