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  1. This looks like a fantastic road trip & especially loving the tips on the National Parks pass & the Gypsy app. I did the Rockies from Vancouver to Banff by train on the Rocky Mountaineer a few years ago & although I enjoyed the experience, a road trip is a lot more my scene. It gives you much more freedom to explore places you hear about along the way. I love the idea you had of finding a few bases & spending time exploring more in depth. The log cabin in Golden looks particularly good ;).

  2. Visiting the Rocky Mountains is definitely on my bucket list. Your post is so comprehensive and describes the region in such an alluring way that I’d like to leave right this moment. My only problem in North America is the lack of public transportation since I’m not driving. I don’t know if it’s better in Canada, in the US, however, it’s pathetic.

  3. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    We have done different parts of this Rocky Mountain road trip on different visits.  Each time we are stunned by the beauty and how much there was to discover.  And while I have been to Edmonton on business many times, we have never made it there for vacation.  Still some spots on this route for us to discover.  I like the idea of using Golden as a base to explore!

  4. This sounds like such a fun road trip! The pictures are beautiful. Also, thanks for the tip about the discover pass. For access to that many parks, the price point isn’t that bad at all!

  5. I did a Rockies road trip two years ago and it is stunning! The Icefields parkway is such a gorgeous drive. I didn’t spend any time in the cities, but rather chose to focus on Banff and its National Park. Enjoy your next road trip, there is so much to see and do in that area. 

  6. What an amazing road trip! I have seen some parts of this region. Many countries including Australia make it mandatory to get a national park pass like here. I know what you mean by wide open roads after seeing narrow roads of UK. It is so much more pleasurable to zip through wide roads.

    I would love to taste ‘Poutine’ – with chips and gravy – sounds yummy! The more I read about this trip, the more I want to go on a long road trip as soon as this pandemic is over! 🙂

  7. I love road trips. It looks like a beautiful area. And looks like it was a great trip. Helpful to know about the Parc pass admissions and entry.

  8. Alaina Thomas says:

    Wow, it truly seems as though there is an abundance of activities here, especially in relation to lakes and national parks. Also, glacier tours! So many options that it would be hard to make decisions on what to do.