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Rock Climbing With Chronic Pain

This article is a little bit different to normal. Please note I am not a medical expert, but having two health conditions that effect my daily life and having a scientific mind, I wanted to bring some awareness around a topic less discussed. I also wanted to write this for those who are suffering with chronic pain that want to see how another person manages their symptoms to travel and stay in the active environment they love.

Endometriosis and rock climbing how to manage chronic pain for climbers

Much like 10% of the female population worldwide I live with a condition called endometriosis. In my most recent laparoscopic surgery it was discovered that I also have a condition called pelvic congestion syndrome. Both of these conditions cause debilitating pelvic pain on their own, along with a number of other symptoms that often interrupt being able to do normal daily tasks.

For Anyone Suffering With This Endometriosis You Will Be Familiar With My Experience:

  • Fighting for a diagnosis for over 10 years

  • The medical attitude of experimentation from doctors and specialists to see what works.

  • From multiple excision and ablation surgeries