Image by Samuel Ferrara
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10 Surprises From Antarctic Expeditions

Alexandra Hansen has spent the last two years working as a Lecturer and Expedition Guide on all 7 continents. She is a certified Polar Guide, Zodiac Driver and Snorkel Instructor. She is passionate about the world’s cultures, history, and wild spaces.

Alexandra in front of Neko Harbour, Antarctica

Hello! My name is Alexandra, and I am an Antarctic Ambassador. I am passionate about Antarctica's continued protection for international cooperation, conservation, and scientific research. When I am out in the field, I spend my time sharing my knowledge about Antarctic history, exploration and wildlife. At home, I write articles and share images to raise awareness about the continent's beauty and fragility.

I've been lucky enough to visit the "Frozen Continent" on 4 occasions, and can say with certainty that it is my favourite place in the world. If you are thinking about taking a voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula, here are a few things that may surprise you!

1) The “Dreaded” Drake Passage Can Be Enjoyable

The Drake Passage extends from Cape Horn at South America’s southernmost tip to Antarctica’s South Shetland Islands. Due to the convergence of oceans and temperatures, these waters have earned a reputatio