Comprehensive Guide To Buying Your First Drone
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I’ve been flying drones since 2015, and flown several different models. Since then I’ve flown drones in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, through impenetrable jungles of Indonesia, and in bitterly-cold … Read More

A Guide to Van Life – Tips & Tricks
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As an avid camper and multi-day sea kayak expedition leader, I was fairly well versed in meal prep, managing space and living without basic house essentials such as a refrigerator, … Read More

Top Tips & Handy Hints for Converting Your Own Camper Van
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We’ve all dreamt it. Whether it was just a fleeting moment or something that has turned into an all-out obsession, we’ve all pictured ourselves packing our life away into a … Read More

Save Money on Long Term Travel | The Ultimate Guide
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This article is aimed at those who are currently travelling the world and trying to remain conscious of their budget or those who are thinking of taking the plunge and … Read More

Save Money On Travel Accommodation | The Ultimate Guide
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How many of you find the perfect location for your next trip then you go online and search for accommodations but due to its popularity or proximity to local attractions, … Read More

The Top 5 Adventure Companies Of The Year – 2023
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If you prefer to be away from the crowds, on the move and getting your adrenaline pumping when you are travelling, then look no further… Whilst there is an extensive … Read More

Capturing The Moment: Advice From A Professional
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Hello! My name is Denis Elterman, I am a wildlife and nature photographer, filmmaker, editor and expedition guide from Daugavpils, Latvia. I have spent the last six years travelling the … Read More

My Travel Reading List – Be Inspired
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I’ve always loved to read, as a child my family nicknamed me Matilda because I would never put a book down. As an adult this still hasn’t changed. Although these … Read More