Unforgettable Tuscan Elegance: A Review of Fattoria Della Nave

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Introduction To Fattoria Della Nave

Nestled just outside the historic town of Arezzo lies the enchanting Fattoria Della Nave, a traditional Tuscan villa that promises an unforgettable stay. This honest review explores every aspect of the villa, from its picturesque grounds to its exceptional hospitality, all through the lens of a memorable wedding stay.

Whether you are booking a romantic stay for two, a trip with friends, an event, or wanting a base to explore the towns of Tuscany; I’m here to show you why Fattoria Della Nave is the place for you.

Drone image of the tuscany villa we booked near Arezzo called Fattoria Della Nave.

The History of Fattoria Della Nave

Fattoria Della Nave, nestled in the heart of Tuscany near Arezzo, is a quintessential Italian villa with roots stretching back to the 18th century. Once the summer residence of the aristocratic Della Nave family, the villa stands as a testament to traditional Tuscan architecture and luxury. Surrounded by a lush botanical garden created by botanist Ferdinando Della Nave, it boasts a collection of exotic and local plants. The villa, with its picturesque views and historical significance, offers a unique glimpse into the aristocratic past and rich cultural heritage of the Tuscan region.

The Majestic Grounds:

Fattoria Della Nave is set amidst rolling Tuscan hills, offering guests a private escape into nature. The villa’s grounds are a blend of botanical gardens, vineyards, and scenic landscapes perfect for exploration and relaxation. Highlights of the stay included strolling through these gardens and enjoying meals outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of Tuscany. On site, there are towering Tuscan trees that line the driveway to the lower villa and cottage. To the left, you will see some small rows of grape vines wrapped along their wires. To the right, you will see the rolling hills and another set of vineyards.

The grounds are also home to their own botanical gardens. The Fattoria Della Nave’s botanical gardens are just a stunning feature, designed by Ferdinando Della Nave in the 19th century. These are situated between the lower villa/cottage and the main building up the hill. If you are staying on site you will head up along the pathway to the right side of the pool and this will lead you through the gardens.

The English-style garden is a haven of tranquility, showcasing over 120 species of trees and more than 700 high-trunk specimens. It’s a collector’s paradise of exotic and local plants, reflecting a passion for botany and nature’s beauty, making it one of Italy’s monumental tree collections.

Traditional Tuscan Accommodation:

The villa’s design exudes traditional Tuscan charm. Each apartment, with its own kitchen and bathrooms, offers privacy and comfort. The outdoor seating areas under grapevine canopies provide a serene spot to gather and enjoy the surroundings.

There are 16 rooms in total and 3 buildings. We rented them all out for our wedding party and had the entire place to ourselves. Each apartment has its own name and charm to match, designed in a traditional Italian style.
The terracotta floor tiles, wooden windows with shutters, and cast iron features on the doors all made everything feel like a home away from home.

We originally booked our wedding and this villa during the pandemic, but obviously had to postpone due to lockdowns and uncertainty of how long it would go on. The hosts were fantastic about this and able to move this back for us.

The Fattoria Della Nave is Ideal for Events:

Fattoria Della Nave shines as a venue for events, especially intimate weddings like the one described. The ability to book individual apartments or the entire villa makes it versatile for various group sizes. The open spaces and well-maintained facilities cater perfectly to celebrations, offering both elegance and comfort. Additionally, they have open events from time to time. We spotted some on the website or social media when we were constantly looking at the villa online in the build (as one does slightly obsessively when it’s soon to be their wedding and they have waited a few years due to the pandemic haha).

Hospitality That Feels Like Family:

The hostess’s unparalleled hospitality ensured that every need was met with efficiency. From arranging a BBQ master to cook for the wedding to providing wines from neighboring vineyards, every detail was taken care of, making the wedding day relaxed and enjoyable.

We’re immensely grateful to the hostess and staff at Fattoria Della Nave for their invaluable assistance throughout our stay. Their subtle presence, ensuring our comfort and addressing any queries with warmth and attentiveness, added greatly to our experience. From resolving transport issues to offering local advice, their support was pivotal. The staff’s readiness to assist with event planning and their occasional open events further enhanced our visit.

Local Delights:

The culinary experience at Fattoria Della Nave was also a highlight, with every dish bursting with flavor. The local wines complement the meals beautifully, enhancing the dining experience.

What to Do and See near Fattoria Della Nave

No visit to Tuscany is complete without exploring the surrounding towns. From Fattoria Della Nave you can easily explore the surrounding the Arezzo Province and wider Tuscany. Here are a few you won’t want to miss.

Visit Ancient Arezzo: This hidden gem packs a punch. Rich with history and somewhat unscathed by the over-tourism of many of its neighbouring towns. We got married there and though we spent less time seeing the city than planned (due to wedding stuff and spending more time just relaxing at the villa), what we did see was absolutely stunning.

Here you can delve into the storied streets of Arezzo, an ancient city known for its beautiful Piazza Grande and the Church of San Francesco, home to Piero della Francesca’s famed frescoes. The monthly Antique Fair transforms the town into a treasure hunter’s paradise, offering unique finds and local crafts. They have medieval parades events in the main square and every street looks like it fell right out of a book.

Loro Ciuffenna: This charming village offers a picturesque slice of Tuscan life. Walk across its Romanesque bridge, visit the still-functioning medieval mill, and take in the breathtaking views of the Arno Valley. Loro Ciuffenna is an ideal spot for those looking to experience the tranquility of rural Tuscany.

Florence: Known as the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence is a living museum of art and architecture. From the majestic Duomo to the historic Ponte Vecchio, every corner of this city breathes history. The Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia are treasure troves of Renaissance art, housing works by Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Botticelli. Strolling through the cobblestone streets, you’re invited to indulge in Florence’s culinary scene, with trattorias serving traditional Tuscan fare. It’s a city where every visit enriches your understanding of human creativity.

Siena: Step into the heart of medieval Tuscany in Siena, renowned for its Gothic architecture and the famous Piazza del Campo, the site of the thrilling Palio horse race. The city’s cathedral, with its intricate facade and stunning frescoes, is an architectural marvel. Siena’s narrow alleys and hidden squares are a feast for the senses, filled with the aroma of local dishes and the sounds of historic tradition. As you explore, you’ll find that Siena is a city that honors its past while embracing the vibrancy of the present, making it an essential stop in Tuscany.

Natural Reserves: For nature enthusiasts, the area offers the Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, with its extensive network of trails through ancient forests and the mystical Camaldoli Hermitage. Area Naturale Le Balze features striking earth pyramids formed by erosion, offering unique landscapes for hiking and photography. The Foresta di Sant’Antonio provides a serene escape with its lush woodlands and the opportunity to explore local flora and fauna.

Each destination provides a unique opportunity to immerse in the rich tapestry of Tuscany’s cultural and natural heritage, all within reach from Fattoria Della Nave.

My Conclusion on Fattoria Della Nave:

Fattoria Della Nave stands out as a jewel in the Tuscan countryside. Its combination of stunning scenery, architectural charm, and exceptional service makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to experience the beauty of Italy in a unique and intimate setting.

FAQs about Fattoria Della Nave:

What makes Fattoria Della Nave ideal for weddings and events?

You can get the entire villa to yourself. We found the place so charming, they had wonderful staff, delicious food, and stunning views. There is something to charm everyone. Our wedding party was, well let’s say very different people with different tastes and styles of travel or comfort usually. Still all of the guests say how much they loved the villa.

How does the villa’s architecture enhance the Tuscan experience?

For me personally, it was the romance. Something about the rustic style just made me feel in heaven.

What’s the best way to get to the Villa?

The best way to get to the villa is by renting a car. It is tucked away outside of the main cities and towns you often hear about. There are train stations in Arezzo and Montevarchi which are both close by and taxis can be arranged by contacting the host beforehand (you will likely be given a few local driver numbers to contact if needed during your stay).

What’s the nearest airport to Fattoria Della Nave?

The nearest airport is Florence International, and from here you are a 40-minute drive or a train journey away from the neighbouring towns. Alternatively, Bologna isn’t too far. We actually flew into Pisa and drove from there (but it was quite a journey).

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