Running An Online Fitness Business Whilst In Bali – An Overview

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Bali is known for its beaches (and therefore surfing), yoga, mountainous jungle rainforest, temples, spirituality, scuba diving, the overall tropical island paradise vibe. However, amongst all this the digital nomad community is thriving. Whilst the rest of the world went into lockdown Bali stayed open, due this, all the above-mentioned reasons and the fast wi-fi it soon became the digital nomad hotspot of the world.

Running An Online Fitness Business Whilst In Bali – An Overview

Finding a Base For Remote Working in Bali

The accommodation is cheap, ranging from a nice clean guest house at 4million IDR (£208) per month up to 4-bedroom mansions with home gyms, multiple pools, and tennis courts for 40 million IDR (£2080) per month. Air BnB offers long stay options or There’s a spot to call home for every budget.

Consider Bali’s Distinct Areas

North of the island is very quiet and relaxed, if you want to swim with the dolphins then Lovina is the place to visit.

Uluwatu in the south of the island is a surfer’s paradise, Sanur a quite relaxed tourist hotspot.

Seminyak and Kuta are the party places, which has picked back up again since the pandemic.

Ubud is Bali’s spiritual home. Full of temples, great cafes, and some beautiful spots to do yoga, reflect and enjoy the beauty of the jungle and gorgeous rice fields. Many yoga teacher trainings or retreats are based here due to the blend of the spiritual experiences and physically beautifully lanscape here.

Are You Planning To Travel Around Bali?

If yes, then give this post by Billy from BRB Gone Somewhere Epic on Where to go in Bali. a read. It has the top places you have to go and is a great start to your planning.

The Perfect Location For Fitness In Bali

The new place to be for my work is Canggu. Canguu is still relatively new, and this is very apparent in the mixture of stunning new buildings, facilities and old local designed and built homes and businesses. Also located in the south of Bali.

Canggu is the fitness capital of Bali if not Indonesia, well maybe right now the whole of Asia!

Canguu is home to lots of different gyms. If you want a modern gym with a stunning spa, you have Body Factory. Want to do some functional fitness with the most amazing view? We Fitness has got you covered (sunset workouts overlooking the rice fields here are an experience you do not want to miss). Power and Revive studio have two facilities, one functional studio and one Pilates studio (equipped with lots of Pilates revive machines). However, what the fitness scene is probably (ok definitely) best known for in Bali is CrossFit.

Crossfit Capital of Canguu

You have your pick of the bunch here. In Uluwatu you have Uluwatu collective who host the ever-popular Baron games every year. In Seminyak you have CrossFit Seminyak (this has just been taken over by CrossFit Wanderlust). In Ubud there is a magnificent CrossFit box called Jungle box (host of the famous fittest in the jungle competition). Then Canggu, you are spoilt for choice in Canggu.

You have the 2 smaller options of S2S CrossFit and Fortitude. Both are great CrossFit boxes with really good staff and a great smaller community surrounding and supporting them.

But let’s be 100% honest here, if you are travelling to Bali and you want to do some CrossFit you have to check out CrossFit Wanderlust. Wanderlust is possibly the biggest (and maybe most famous) CrossFit box in the world.

Wanderlust offers some great coaching and up to 6 classes a day, so there is something for everyone. However, what wanderlust offers is much more than this. Wanderlust offers a community; this is where I have met most of my friends in Bali from. It makes travelling solo so easy. In fact, the majority of wanderlust members arrived in Bali solo, without knowing anybody. Myself I arrived in Bali 5 months ago without not only not knowing a soul and never having participated in CrossFit before. The open arms of the coaches and the members made my transition from an outsider to part of the community almost instantaneous.

Working Remotely in Canggu

Working remotely in Bali is easy, especially Canggu as it feels (because it was really) like it was made for the digital nomad.

Every café has fast WIFI, outlets and air-conditioning.

I write this article sitting on a single table, MacBook plugged in on the cafes Wi-Fi (eating possibly the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten) just confirming working remotely couldn’t really be easier than here in Canguu, Bali.

One of the huge benefits that Bali has when working remotely in the fitness industry is the people here. The potential for collaborations is endless (especially now travel is less restricted, and retreats are back up and running).

There are lots of people always willing to bounce ideas around and be pro-active. A prime example of this is me and Sam (head coach at wanderlust) who have started a podcast (Life Outside the Box) which stemmed from a chat, into an idea into a physical show. We are able to have a variety of guest on every week. Ranging from Olympians, Olympic Weightlifters, Fitness influencers, Online instructors etc… all because of our location and the type of person and personality that head to Bali long term or for a working holiday.

My Top Tips For Those Thinking of Coming To Bali For Fitness

If travelling to Bali with the hopes or dreams of developing yourself and/or your fitness business (any business in fact), be open to discuss ideas with people. Explore these possibilities as the world is your oyster. Being open to one conversation or experience can change your life.

If you are from the U.K from 7th March 2022 you will need a visa to enter Bali which lasts 30 days and costs 500,000 IDR (27 GBP at time of writing this article). This can be extended by application for another 30 days.

If you plan to stay longer there are other visa options depending on the country you are from that will allow you to get a 6 month stay (and even extend (so long as you leave the country briefly and re-enter)

Don’t Forget To Enjoy The Benefits Of Remote Working…

Although remote working isn’t just a holiday, you have to make the most of the location, people and opportunities. As this article comes to a close there is still so much more to explore.

  • The food in Bali is unbelievable
  • The hidden gems you will find once here are to die for
  • Don’t forget the islands around Bali that are only accessible by boat. They look straight out of a Disney fairy-tale.
    • The 3 Gili islands
    • Lombok,
    • Lembongan,
    • Nusa Penida to name just a few

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed

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