Comprehensive Guide To Buying Your First Drone
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I’ve been flying drones since 2015, and flown several different models. Since then I’ve flown drones in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, through impenetrable jungles of Indonesia, and in bitterly-cold winds of Antarctic Peninsula. With every situation presenting its own challenges – I know I need to rely on good … Read More

How To Photograph In Polar Regions
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The Reality of Tough Conditions in Polar Regions The polar regions are incredible! They are filled with amazing wildlife and inspirational landscapes. They are definitely a phenomenal environment to photograph. That being said, the conditions can be notoriously tricky. Whether you are seeking out the colossal icebergs in Antarctica, or … Read More

Capturing The Moment: Advice From A Professional
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Hello! My name is Denis Elterman, I am a wildlife and nature photographer, filmmaker, editor and expedition guide from Daugavpils, Latvia. I have spent the last six years travelling the world to capture and document it’s many cultures and wild spaces. For the last five years, I have focused my … Read More