5 Great Hiking Trails Around Whistler, British Columbia
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If ever there was a place that nature has sculptured specifically for hikers, the Whistler area must be it. There are hundreds of scenic trails to satisfy the needs of … Read More

Kayaking The Inside Passage – The Top Three Moments
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As we kayaked the inside passage we got to wild camping along the mountainious shores, welcomed by local first nations and experience close encounters with Grizzly bears and whales; The inside passage offers something so unique and unbelievable to any who dares to voyage.

The Top Hiking Trails in Vancouver Island, British Columbia
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The Island of Vancouver has a coastline of over 100 kilometers and mountains. These hiking options include multi-day coastal trekking to full-day hikes and quiet walks in the fields or … Read More

Everything To Know For A Canadian Working Holiday
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So, Why Canada? There is nowhere in the world quite like it. The mountains, the sea, the wilderness, the wild life; the adventure is right on your doorstep! I’ve now … Read More

A Guide to Van Life – Tips & Tricks
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As an avid camper and multi-day sea kayak expedition leader, I was fairly well versed in meal prep, managing space and living without basic house essentials such as a refrigerator, … Read More

Top Tips & Handy Hints for Converting Your Own Camper Van
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We’ve all dreamt it. Whether it was just a fleeting moment or something that has turned into an all-out obsession, we’ve all pictured ourselves packing our life away into a … Read More

How You Can Become A Full-Time Adventure Traveller?
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It’s the question I get asked the most. By friends, followers and random people sliding into my DMs. “What do you actually do for a living?”. People see photos of … Read More