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  1. Chirasree says:

    I’ve seen whales while on the ocean a few times, but never like this!! The pictures you’ve captured are amazing!

  2. What an amazing whale watching day you had!  I spend nearly a year petsitting my way around New Zealand and neve made it to Kaikura – woe to me!  That sunrise was well worth the effort to wake up early, for sure.  I might have made more of an effort if I knew I could have an experience like yours.  It’s on the bucket list for my next Kiwi Adventure.  Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing experience. I loved Kaikoura when I was in New Zealand years ago, though I missed out on whale watching there. It’s somewhere I definitely want to go back to. I have great memories of Oahu waterfall 😁

  4. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    We have done whale watching around the world.  But it always draws me in for another view when we travel.  So great when you get a great educational experience too.  I think I would like to try the helicopter whale watch.

  5. Love a good whale watching tour and you were so lucky with your sightings. Great to know it happens so frequently there.

  6. I went whale watching in Iceland and it was a great experience! I would definitely do another tour, it was a lot of fun 🙂 

  7. Carol Colborn says:

    I was lucky enough to have seen my first whale in Puerto Vallarta. But I didn’t realise that every minute a whale they stay below for 15 minutes. Now I know I need to be patient and wait!!! I’d love to see them in Kaikoura Thanks.

  8. I have been to NZ and but missed Kaikoura. Those sunsets look amazing! I definitely want to do whale watching too. Maybe in my next trip to NZ! 🙂

  9. Paula Martinelli says:

    Amazing experience! I have done whale watching in some countries before, but not in New Zealand – it looks so magic! 

  10. This brought back amazing memories of my whale watching tour in Kaikoura, back in the ’90’s. We saw whales, then loads of seals & finally dolphins everywhere, leaping out of the water all around us. It was such a beautiful experience. Then on the way back to Christchurch we saw movement on the beach, went to investigate & ended up just sitting on a rock watching seals for an hour. I didn’t have a good camera at the time so decided to just watch. I try & remember that nowadays, put my lens down & savour the moment a little. Thanks for the memories!

  11. We have just recently been on a whale watching tour in Canada but did not see any jumping from the water. Just the spray and dorsal fin of many whales. I hope I’ll be fortunate to see whales in other parts of the world. Hopefully in New Zealand as well 🙂 

  12. This looks amazing. I always wanted to see whales. Unfortunately, when I was in Argentina, season was just over. Nevertheless, I got to see some other amazing creatures, namely penguins. And for the whales, I have to go to New Zealand, then 😉

  13. Lindley Loraine says:

    Love this!! We are thinking about moving to NZ and we know it looks amazing, and this is being added to our list of things to do when we get there

  14. For untouched photos, they are amazing.  I can only imagine what the scenery was like in real life.  What a fantastic way to expereince the magnificent whales.

  15. I just love watching the sunrise or set 🙂 
    New Zealand has been a bucketlist destination for me for quite some time, and even though I have looked into it a lot, I would never have thought of going whalewatching – thats so cool, adding it to the list

  16. That looks amazing! When we were in NZ in 2017, the earthquake had destroyed the road between Christchurch and Kaikoura. Kaikoura was WAY out of the way, unfortunately. But another excuse for us to head back

  17. Whales and sealpups! I love animals of all kinds so this would be right up my alley. Love it! ❤

  18. Whale watching is such a great experience. Sri lanka is also popular for whale watching

  19. What an incredible experience!! I’ve gone whale watching in California but the turquoise water in NZ is unmatched! 😁