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  1. I love your description of Goa – I am excited to visit India next year (hopefully) – so thank you for writing about all aspects! It gives a fresh and realistic view! 

  2. I had been to Goa and you have described it beautifully. This is bang to the point, I am glad you very well highlighted both the aspects of India, it has good part and bad part also. Very few people write a balanced article.

  3. I haven’t actually heard a lot about Goa but it looks like a peaceful and quiet place to visit, aside from the overcrowded beach! Looks like a great place for some R&R, with lots of options for things to do.

  4. This brought me back to when I visited India many years ago. I think I went to at least Palolem & Baga on your list. I really enjoyed Palolem with its laid back feel. Your light at Leopard Valley sounds like great fun – love the photo of you after Holi. If I ever make it back, I’m definitely coming back here for a read.

  5. I would love to visit India but more for the cultural experience. Nevertheless, I believe that Goa might be a smooth start into a different culture hence that might be my starting point. Although I’m not exactly a party animal, I’m sure I’d have a great time there – and the beaches look really fantastic.

  6. What amazing beaches! I would love to sunbath on a beach where there are cows roaming around, what an authentic experience 😁 Where they only at that particular beach, or on all of them?

  7. Wow, I am always amazed by your photos. You make me want to visit here so bad!

  8. So great to come across a non native’s post on Goa, and see an outside in perspective! I agree with you, India has so much to offer in terms of terrain, landscapes, culture and the like, so no two places can ever be the same. Like any country it has it’s good and bads. Glad that you could cover so many beaches in Goa, Been to arambol and vagator among the ones you mentioned in your blog. Baga would be a big NO for me too, it’s too crowded and not worth visiting! 

    I bet you would like the Andamans, Havelock island on your next visit! 🙂

  9. I’ve never heard of Goa before or any of these beaches but it looks amazing to visit.

  10. I’m kind of the same where India has never really appealed to me cause I don’t do well in crowds, but it looks so beautiful maybe I should reconsider!

  11. Kanupriyaa says:

    Goa is such a gorgeous place! I went their with my family a couple years ago and we explored all the beaches, There are so many choices.

  12. The beaches look pristine and quite surprisingly less crowded. I have explored Goa almost a decade back, but would love to go back again and visit the quaint villages during the monsoon season when it’s all lush green and serene. A lot of people, unfortunately relate Goa to beaches, but there’s a lot more to this.

  13. What a stunning place! I never thought of beaches like that in India but they look amazing and I can’t wait to explore the country one day 🙂 Thanks for so many great ideas for when I make it there! I love how Palolem Beach sounds. I have a tendancy to get bored so this beach would allow me to wonder the shops and hang out at a bar or restaurant for a bit of a break from the beach. I wouldn’t like Baga either. Whilst I like to be busy and have things to do, there is a balance between that and feeling like you are no longer on a holiday.