Meersburg and Lake Constance, Germany

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Meersburg is a German municipality southeastern of Baden-Württemberg. It is located on a ridge near Bader-Württemberg. Perched on the banks of the German side of Lake Constance, Meersburg is a charming historical town and one of the lake’s most picturesque resorts. It is separated into two halves: the upper town (‘Oberstadt’) and the lower town (‘Unterstadt’). In the upper town, you’ll find vineyards, museums and the town’s eponymous castle, while in the lower town you’ll find bustling restaurants, boats and amazing lake views.


Meersburg and Lake Constance, Germany
Lake Views, Meersburg, Germany © Beth Coleman

Lake Constance (known as Bodensee in German) is Germany’s largest lake and is 63km in length. It is fed by the Rhine River and borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Meersburg is just one of the lakes charming towns and I would also reccomend exploring some of the other areas if you have the time.

What To Do In Meersburg

While it’s known for its lake views and rich history, Meersburg has no shortage of things to do. Here are a few activities and sights that you shouldn’t miss on your trip. Meersburg has so much to offer that it can be hard to know how to best plan your trip. Here are some insider tips on where to stay and what to do at this must-visit spot on any Lake Constance itinerary.

Water Sports Around Meersburg

Thanks to its location right on the water, there is a whole host of water sporting options to enjoy on your trip to Meersburg. You can charter all kinds of boats from Seewärts, from pedalos to speedboats, and you can also try your hand at stand up paddle boarding with board rental available by the hour. Just a little further along the coast, Tauchschule Meersburg offers diving courses and exciting excursions to some of the most fascinating dive spots in Lake Constance.

Visiting Mainau Island From Meersburg

Whilst you might not think of visiting an island when visiting this region of Germany, Mainau Island is a 45 hectare slice of heaven. This stunning island is perfect to explore the botanical gardens, have a relaxing meal with friends or check out one of their many events on the calendar.

Hiking Around Meersburg

At first glance, Meersburg may not seem like the most obvious destination for hiking. But it is absolutely packed with panoramic trails through vineyards, villages, orchards and forests.

There are trails to suit every age and ability, with guided hikes available every week (including a rather tempting vineyard trail complete with a wine tasting to finish it off).

Meersburg and Lake Constance, Germany
Meersburg and Lake Constance, Germany

There is also the 272 kilometer Lake Constance trail which loops around the lake and will help you to see amazing views of the landscape, architecture and unique differences at each lakeside town. You will also see plenty of vineyards.

For information on some of the most popular hiking trails, including their length and suitability, you can take a look at the Meersburg tourism website here.

Meersburg Castle

View from Meersburg Castle on a Cloudy Day © Beth Coleman
View from Meersburg Castle on a Cloudy Day © Beth Coleman

Anyone with even the slightest interest in history should pay Meersburg Castle a visit. One of Germany’s underated charms is the range of historical arcitecture especially their castles and Meersburg castle is no different. Thanks to social media many of these are being shared, however it goes way beyond just taking a picture for instagram. The location and stories behind each castle are worth exploring fully.

Perched high above the town, it is said to be Germany’s oldest occupied castle, dating all the way back to the 7th century. One of the town’s top attractions, inside you’ll find over 30 furnished and well-preserved rooms, including an armoury, dining room and even a dungeon, that will truly take you back in time.

Where to Stay in Meersburg?

Beautiful Architecture in Meersburg, Lake Constance, Germany © Beth Coleman
Beautiful Architecture in Meersburg, Lake Constance, Germany © Beth Coleman

There is a huge range of accommodation options in Meersburg, and much of the promenade is packed with hotels. But in my opinion, some of the better choices can be found in the upper town, where you’ll find beautiful old architecture and not quite so many crowds.

My Hotel Reccomendations

General price ranges are between £150 – 200 per room per night, which isn’t unreasonable but a little more pricy than other european towns. However you are most likely visiting here due to the location and the fact that this town hasn’t been lost to overtourism keeps the prices somewhat affordable and just adds to its charm.

  • Romantik Hotel Residenz am See is ideally situated right by the lake and also has its own car park but does have a minimum stay during peak season.
  • Hotel Löwen-Weinstube (pictured above) is a great mid-range option, especially if you are travelling by taxi or public transport. You can’t miss this warm orange building as you walk through the upper town. It’s almost completely coated in greenery, with bright purple flowers lining the windows, and has a great location right by the gate of the upper town. JUFA Hotel Meersburg am Bodensee and Bodensee-Hotel Kreu are two favourites according to visitor reviews.

Tip: If you’re coming to Meersburg by car, choose a hotel with free parking. It can be a nightmare in Meersburg on busy days and is also very expensive.

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