Travel Tips

This page is dedicated to articles that will combine tips and recommendations for your travels. We decided to include this section based on the questions directed to us by our readers, with some niche travel in particular requiring travellers to prepare; be that physically for an expedition or ensuring you have the suitable kit. 

  • Photography tips from the Experts

  • Keeping fit whilst travelling

  • Saving money 

  • Equipment reviews

  • Essential packing lists

  • Travel Operator reviews

  • Sustainability in travel and adventure

And much more... If you have a travel question you'd like answered or an article on a particular area, why not join our facebook group and ask these to our online community and our authors. With each author having travelled to destinations for a number of different reasons, you can be sure we can give some guidence and help with your research. 

If you are thinking about moving overseas, working in a new country/ area, studying abroad or taking a sabbatical / gap year - Check out our page dedicated to this... Click here for The Big Move

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