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Working As A Fitness Instructor In Greece

Teaching a fitness class in Greece
Teaching a Zumba Session On Resort by CE Photography

One of the best experiences I have had travelling was during my time working for Neilson Active Holidays in Greece. I worked the summer seasons for them for a few years in different resorts around the beautiful country and had some amazing experiences. This allowed me to explore the country on days off and during annual leave and save money for trips between seasons. It also became a beneficial point on my C.V demonstrating a number of transferrable skills and a great talking point in interviews (which are nerve-wracking). I didn't really plan to work in Greece, nor had I ever been to the country. This happened when I was in a situation where I just really was not happy with my job, relationship or being back in the U.K for a little too long after my time living in New Zealand. I had 'A moment' (this is a common theme for me) and applied for Neilson on a whim, then I went on holiday to France and Switzerland the next day.

Whilst I was on holiday I got an email requesting a skype interview, which I had whilst still away and next thing you know I had the job. Once I arrived home I had one day to pack and then I was off to Lesvos Island in Greece for a training week. This article aims to give you an idea of what to be prepared for should you want to be a Seasonnaire, both the best bits and some of the lesser liked parts.

Pictures above were taken by CE Photography from one of my morning yoga classes at Vounaki Beachclub, Greece