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Apukka Resort in Finnish Lapland - The Perfect Winter Wonderland

On the edge of wilderness in Finnish Lapland sits Lake Olkkajärvi. The lake lies north of Rovaniemi and sits at an elevation of 103m, surrounded by wild woodland trails. In the summer this is a haven for kayaking, boating, fishing and hiking; with signs of history along the trails. Including maintained trails and an old Myllyoja sawmill built following ther areas demise during world war two. In winter this lake is home to an exciting range of activities close in an area of 'Rovaniemi designated as the home of santa' and the perfect place to view the Aurora Borealis in all of its glory. Apukka Resort sits on the edge of the lake and hosts this stunning resort along with all of its activities. We spent months chosing the right accomodation for our stay in Rovaniemi to follow our adventure in Pyha but just kept coming back to Apukka.



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About Apukka Resort