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Get the low-down on seasonal life

Working Winter Seasons in the European Alps
Simon Cook AKA 'Cookie' ready to hit the slopes with Whitedot Ski's and Neilson.

Are You Considering Doing Your First Season?

If you’ve had some extra spare time recently, due to lockdown, or if you’ve come to the conclusion that everything is a bit ‘meh’ and mundane, and you’d like to shake it up a bit and get the adventures flowing, then you may be thinking about taking on a holiday job and getting your first season under your belt. I will be your expert seasonnaire, the man in the know if you like- to guide you through the pitfalls and advice of taking on seasonal work. Read this and the following articles and maybe I can help you to make up your mind.

So you’re thinking of doing your first season?

Summer or winter? UK or overseas? What job should I do? Will I be homesick? Who should I work for? What do I pack? What can I expect? So man