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We Bought Land - Canada

Lockdown Impulse Buy

I got a little drunk and tried to bid on land in Canada during the Covid-19 Lockdown. A week later this dream of owning Canadian land became a reality. This is just a bit of an overview of how this happened and the initial stage of our adventure. We (me and my fella) are aiming to eventually move to this location and build a home. Having outdoor space and building an off-grid home in a rural area is the lifestyle we have dreamed of.

Since I mentioned my purchase on my Instagram story, I have had lots of people message and asking me how I did this, with a few considering taking a leap or purchasing land in one of the Canadian provinces. So I thought I'd document as we go through the process. But there are some risks...

The State Consists Of 80% Forest: New Brunswick Forest Image.

On the 5th of April, a little bored in lockdown, whilst playing board games, eating lots of food and having alcohol (which is a rarity for me), I got alert emails of a couple of properties and lots available in Alberta, Canada within my realistic (but not quite there yet) budget.

I should note me and my fella have decided we want to eventually immigrate to Canada or New Zealand. We have previously been over to check out the Canadian Rockies and surrounding areas last summer. We both loved it and felt more determined to make this dream a reality if it was possible.