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We Bought Land - Part 2

The Update

Panorama of Fundy National Park. New Brunswick, Canada.
Panorama of Fundy National Park. New Brunswick, Canada | Just south of our land

It's been a year since we bought our plot of land unseen in Canada during lockdown. We haven't been able to head out and see the land as originally intended as international travel at this moment is illegal. The pandemic is slowly coming to a more stable state in England with a high percentage of the population having the vaccinations and our last lockdown seeming to slow the infection rate down. Because of this we have spent some time doing extra research on what we plan to do with the land, the local area and having moments of doubt (but not regret).

About a month ago, I had a moment in the pit of my stomach where I started to worry after watching youtube videos. I had seen some horror stories about land unseen not being as the pictures looked like or the land being in forest fires or being covered in rubbish from fly tipping etc... So I started to re look into everything again, but from a different perspective. First step the local town...

Elgin, New Brunswick

Pollet River, Elgin New Brunswick, Canada
Pollet River is a 5 minute walk from our home with a neighbouring plot sitting alongside this and a recreational trail running behind us towards the river.