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Save Money on Long Term Travel | The Ultimate Guide

This article is aimed at those who are currently travelling the world and trying to remain conscious of their budget or those who are thinking of taking the plunge and trying backpacking, taking a career break or just needing longer trips than the typical holiday.

Most people who are travelling long term will be budget conscious (and even the fortunate ones who are not, may have a time where they need to be). My mindset when I was working abroad or travelling with open ended tickets was to make it last as long as possible. I didn't want to be rushed and I wated to have the freedom to stay a bit longer or move one.

I soon learnt some of the key areas I could save money and how I could extend my travel:

  1. The Accommodation - For accommodation tips check out my Ultimate Guide To Saving Money On Accommodation

  2. The Transport - Keep an eye out for our article on Saving Money On Transport.

  3. Food and Drink

  4. Share Your Skills Volunteering or Working abroad - You may also like out our Big Move Page.

  5. Learn New Skills - transfer your new skills into something you can earn money or use skills exchange to negotiate a stay or experiences during travel.



Backpacker Dorm Room - Source @Unsplash by Nicate Lee


Hostels are changing and they have been for the last 15 years as the millennial travel boom hit. My first tip for accommodation options is to stay in hostels where possible, it is rare in life you will be part of such a diverse group in a relaxed space.

  • Where you are all able to exchange your research on the local area of the places to go and avoid.

  • You may want to do group bookings to save further on day trips nearby.

  • The price of staying in hostels is generally a lot cheaper than hotels, BnB's and home rentals.

  • In addition to this, these are the people that can understand your excitement when heading somewhere new and the annoyance with some of the little things from time to time (that only travellers can empathise with).

You can also book private rooms to give you that bit of Separating. Our favourite sites for finding hostels and tips for backpackers:

Many backpackers will help you to find temporary work if you need or want it, they will also help you with booking and saving money in the area.

House Shares

House sharing websites will vary from country to country but I have included a few below that may be useful. When staying in an area for longer than a month it may make sense to pay monthly or weekly rates rather than nightly. Whilst some small backpackers might be willing to negotiate and give you a deal when staying longer, sometimes you just want your own room and a little bit of a quieter option.

Book With Travel Friends

When travelling overseas you may find you spend a lot of time with the same group of people. If you get along with them well enough if might be worth seeing if you can book accommodation together. Having more bookings and going direct may allow you to get a cheaper rate on hotels or hostels. Even better than that finding an apartment or home on, VRBO, Flipkey or Air BnB can work out cheaper. Find apartments, small holiday homes etc and split the costs.


This has become increasingly popular as a free accommodation option and websites such as trusted house sitters have made this easily accessible. In most cases you are also looking after household pets but you can get both long term and short term accommodations. There are also lots of other house sitting site options to chose from.

You could also consider couch surfing, room cancellations and many other ways to save money on accommodation mentioned in our article here Ultimate Guide To Saving Money On Accommodation