Image by Samuel Ferrara
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Top Tips & Handy Hints for Converting Your Own Camper Van

We’ve all dreamt it. Whether it was just a fleeting moment or something that has turned into an all-out obsession, we’ve all pictured ourselves packing our life away into a campervan and driving off into the sunset.

‘Van Life’ culture is sweeping across the globe. And if you have a big enough budget, you’ll be able to pick up a van to your exact taste and begin the adventure immediately!

However, with increased demand comes an increased price tag. The far more affordable option is to buy a van and convert it into a camper yourself. It can be quite a daunting process. So I have designed this article for you, to give a clear breakdown of the steps needed to create a home on wheels.

Before you can build your camper…

The Tools & Materials You’ll Need For Converting a Camper Van