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The Top of Europe and Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is the perfect base for visiting the beautiful mountainous region of Canton du Bern. This gorgeous town sits between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz; with an unbelievable landscape, gorgeous food and so many experiences to chose from. I was only here for 3 nights during my Eurotrip but I loved it and definitely plan to come back.

Visiting the top of Interlaken and Europe, Switzerland
The view from the top of Interlaken, we picked the perfect time to arrive.

The areas surrounding Interlaken have the views that come to mind when someone suggests a trip to Switzerland, and do not disappoint. During my Interrail Eurotrip, I wanted to visit somewhere in Switzerland. I had visited Montreux and Basel on previous trips to Switzerland but that was it. I had always wanted to explore Switzerland but from my previous experiences in the country and hearing from other travellers, it isn’t as budget-friendly as other European countries. Therefore a short stay passing through for a few nights was an ideal way to get a taster of this area.

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I also wanted to be in the mountains and my I decided on a location of Interlaken due to its proximity to Jungfraujoch