Image by Samuel Ferrara
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The Lake District Series - Lake Ullswater

In the north east of the Cumbrian Peninsula is Lake Ullswater. This is the second largest lake in the English 'Lake District' (a UNESCO world heritage site) with an area of approx. 8.9km squared. It is a ribbon lake that is surrounded by stunning peaks. From hiking and camping, to kayaking and paddleboarding this stunning lake is an outdoor enthusiasts dream.

Ullswater Lake in Cumbria, England
View of The South Side of Ullswater and the Lower Side of Place Fell

I have a soft spot for Ullswater and the surrounding villages for a few reasons. Firstly it was my childhood camping spot with my family for many years in Pooly Bridge; secondly I moved to Patterdale for ten months to work and save for my initial bout of travels overseas; and then again upon my return to the U.K. following my travels to get myself settled and save again for another trip.

Visit Lake Ullswater in the Cumbrian Lake District, England