Image by Samuel Ferrara
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The Beautiful Beaches of Goa, India

From lush tropical rain forest covering the extensive mountains to pristine beaches Goa in the south of India is a heaven for travellers. Whether you are looking to explore beautiful mountains and wildlife, discover culture and history or just want to relax this place really has it all.

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I'll be honest India wasn't originally on my bucket list or places to see, that most travellers have. I don't like crowds and struggle to not hand over all of my money when I see poverty. In the media India is often portrayed as a place that is hectic, extremely divided in class and poverty and full of pollution. Whilst I'm not naive enough to think that this isn't case in some (or many) parts; India is so vast and much like any country has its goods and bads. I am so glad I went to India and decided to account for a few extra weeks travelling round. I am also planning to head back to see more; As far as Goa is concerned, I was really impressed.

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