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The 3 Best Adventure Companies for 2021

If you prefer to be away from the crowds, on the move and getting your adrenaline pumping when you are travelling, then look no further... Whilst there is an extensive choice of companies that offer multi-day experiences to summit mountains, climb on glaciers and jump out of planes, so many of them aren’t quite as great as they seem. Many are overpriced, crowded by numerous other large groups and have hidden extras (this is the bit that annoys me the most).

In this article below, are the top 3 companies for both Multi-Day adventure offerings and the top 3 for Day trip offerings. These have been chosen based on their reputations in travel groups and from my time backpacking and working seasons (you soon learn who the less desirable companies are to travel with). With transparency on what they do and do not offer, great deals and some unbelievable activities in the best destinations. If you are looking to book an adventure trip then check these out and as much as I love to save money, I always want a good quality experience.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. I only recommend products and companies I use (many are also not affiliates) and the small income goes to keeping the site running.

The Top Multi-Day Adventure Companies

1.) Inversion Travel

First for this list is Inversion Travel. This is a small independent company ran by two amazing guides who have years of experience around the world, leading expeditions and small group travel. They set up their business a few years ago with an aim to offer amazing adventure experiences with fantastic service off the beaten track. Their trips have small group sizes are very unique in their offerings and they also work with local guides to deliver their trips.

We have been on two trips with them:

I honestly cannot rate this company high enough and have written articles already about the amazing trips above and their service. They also offer heli-skiing in Japan, climbing Elbrus in Russia and much more. Check out their website, we will definitely be booking with them again.

I also make a point of observing how companies, guides and operators treat other guests (not just myself) when I’m on trips and their service was amazing. They truly made each trip special for all of their customers and focussed on adding value to each experience for those on the trip every step of the way.

2.) Much Better Adventures

This second company I really love have such a cool range of adventure offers. Their range of adventures tends to be a little off the beaten path, with a few classics thrown in for good measure. From diving in Gozo and hiking Mont Blanc to sailing the Arctic Circle. Once you have booked a trip with them they will send you through exclusive offers for others.

The stand out for this company is the fact they have so many trips that make use of long weekends. Each trip has multiple date offers and plenty of budget-friendly trips. I would love to see more operators having the annual leave calculator next to each trip (this is also found next to the physical rating). For example:

  • I have just booked a trip to Lapland Snow Shoeing, Ice Climbing in Staying in a log cabin. I need 2 days annual leave as it is Friday to Monday.

  • I have also booked a great trip with them to Norway Sea Kayaking in May which is Friday to Monday (however falls on a bank holiday weekend) so I only needed to book 1 day of annual work.

It might seem like an obvious thing to work out but when your annual leave is limited and you‘ve got itchy feet like me, it’s easy to lose track of the days you’ve already taken. The additional fact that most of their trips purposely start on a Friday or Saturday to make the most of the weekend is just a great idea. This is another company that pairs up with local guides to create their packages.

If you want to get a discount on your first trip using this code ASO-ZLB-00 at your check out you will receive a 5% discount from their trips, Check them out here. Once you have had a trip with them you will also receive a discount code for yourself family and friends.

3.) G adventures

This third company have been around for about 30 years. I had always heard people raving on about their fantastic customer service, value for money, last-minute deals and just really amazing packages. A great benefit of using this company is the fact they do not charge a single supplement. I went on a short trip with them 8 years ago which they don't offer anymore but it was really amazing.

Travellers I have met during my time backpacking and working seasons all recommend them as their go-to for 'big trips'. As I mentioned before travellers talk. One of my friends I met backpacking in NZ has been on 5 trips with them already and is saving for her next one.

As I mentioned they have a fantastic reputation for their customer service, great guides and their range of the ‘bucket list’ adventures.

Update: When I first wrote this article I expressed my interest to book their amazing Argentina to Antartica adventure, due to its reasonable pricing, many landings and optional extras that were also at a great price. My Fiance then went ahead and booked it... So now we are going and we will be camping on the ice and possibly kayaking. I should add in here that I have been researching trips to Antarctica for the past 12 years as I one of my ancestors was an Antarctic explorer. Obviously, the price for these expeditions is generally high, but I found G adventures trip to be a balance between quality and budget. The next company to get close to matching this price was intrepid but it was about £1000 more per person for the same journey and duration, for an internal cabin and a single supplement (as someone who used to do solo trips this is a big deal).

I will do a write up for that one when we get back (but it is a while away yet).

We also have a few upcoming articles on some of the destinations and experiences from G adventures, be sure to check those out.

Our Top 3 Day Trip Adventure Operators

Maybe you prefer to book your travel yourself and just book the odd short experiences and day trips along the way. If that's more of your taste the two companies below are my top recommendations for day adventure experiences (they also offer some multi-day tours too).

1.) Explore Share

Explore share is like an adventurers dream. With tours from half a day to month-long adventures. You can search what they have to offer by activity such as water sports, climbing, heli-skiing and much more. Alternatively, you can search by destination. The guides are all checked and professionals as you would expect from a larger group or multi-day tour operators and they boast up to 7000 activities on offer. I've used this to book small coasteering trips and guided hikes and they have all been fantastic. Check out their website and a huge range of outdoor adventures.

2.) Get Your Guide

Get your guide is a great company that I always recommend due to their range of day trips around the world in leading destinations. From culinary tours to boat trips, skipping the cue to paragliding; this company has it all. They work with local tour guides and companies to offer you amazing deals that you would struggle to find elsewhere. I've used them before and I've even spotted lots of times of tours I've done with others that were almost 3 times as much. Check out their website to see offers in some amazing locations.

3.) Viator

I'm sure everyone has heard of this company, as a partner of trip advisor they offer such a wide range of day trips all around the world. From Exploring Machu Pichu to Angkor Wat. I have put this on here due to the range of excursions, trips and passes in each location.


As I mentioned these companies/operators have been chosen based on the following: Independent reviews and feedback. Budget, value and uniqueness.

There are other companies that I have experience with that are also great and came close in this including the close runners up.

  • Intrepid Travel

  • Expedia

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