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Sustainable Sailing Supporting Locals In Croatia

Take a dip in the Ocean with Sustainable Independant Sailing Company Horizon Sail

We reached out and interviewed the owners of Horizon Sail to bring you this article showing you how this pair combined their passion for travel and the beautiful Dalmatian coast in Croatia. After hosting hundreds of travellers each summer season along the pristine coastline, they soon realised the hidden gems could easily be combined with the traveller favourites to offer a unique experience. The duo soon who set out to create a company that truly supports local families with conscientious approach to on board sustainability.

About Horizon Sail

The owners of Horizon Sail are Matej and Nicola. Matej is Croatian and Nicola is English, they both had extensive experience working in the travel industry and hospitality. Knowing the market for Croatia after working for other companies in the summer seasons they combined their love for the county and their skills to provide a fun, high quality and exciting sailing experience in the balkans.

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