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What To Do In Skála Eressos, Lesvos, Greece

Neilson Aeolian Village Resort in Skála Eressou
The Beach at the Aeolian Village Resort, Neilson | © Travels and Wandering

Skála Eressos (Eressou) and its twin town Eressos (Eressou) lies in the south-west of Lesvos Island. Lesvos sits in the north Aegean very close to Turkey, and you will find this town and the whole Island will have a unique blend of Greek and Turkish influence in its architecture, cuisine and general influence.

Lesvos itself is awarded a Geopark Site by UNESCO and Skala Eressos is next to the petrified forest (fossil forest park) and some other fossil sites. There are also some ancient ruins on the hills and some very unique volcanic rock that make up the rugid lanscape.

The mountainous backdrop, dark sandy beaches make this place, cobbled streets and whitewash buildings with terracotta roof lines make this ever so charming village a perfect place to escape the hustle of real-life or the rest of Europe. It is known to attract artists including writers, painters and poets.

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