Skála Eresou, Lesvos, Greece

The Beach at the Aeolian Village Resort, Neilson

Skála Eresou and its twin town Eressou (Eressos) lies in the south-west of Lesvos Island. Lesvos sits in the north Aegean very close to Turkey, and you will find this town and the whole Island will have a unique blend of Greek and Turkish influence in its architecture, cuisine and general influence.

Please note: Skala Eresou is sometimes referred to as Skala Eressos or sometimes spelt Eressou just to confuse things.

Skala comes from the Greek meaning of scale, ladder, staircase and it is common in Greece (especially on the islands) to find that a town slightly uphill, then its neighbouring shore town call Skala. This quiet little seaside village is miles away from that you'd expect to see on the more famous islands of Rhodes and Santorini.

The village and its residents are really friendly. Many of the locals live in the up the hill in Erasos, whilst Skala is open only during the summer for visitors. If you visit her in early March or late October you will see the town preparing to open or board up (depending on which) as the season's transition. The mountainous backdrop, dark sandy beaches make this place, cobbled streets and whitewash buildings with terracotta roof lines make this ever so charming village a perfect place to escape the hustle of real-life or the rest of Europe.

In 2014 I was working for a company called Neilson in this village of Skala Errasos on Lesvos Island. Neilson has both beach resorts for summer active holidays and ski chalets for the winter around Europe. I was based in this lovely place, living in the town in an apartment with other staff and just a short walk from the resort (I've included a short paragraph about the resort at the bottom of this article). On my days off and holiday, I spent a lot of time just exploring and enjoying this area. Lesvos is a beautiful mountainous island, Click here to see my next article on the rest of the Island.

Since 1953 the Cine Sapho (Phone number Tel:+30-697-762-6976) outdoor cinema opens every summer to visitors and locals. This place is a little tucked away, a couple of streets back from the beach. There is a bar on-site that serves light snacks and drinks.

If you fancy a walk with amazing views and a local walk either side of the village are easy trails that will allow you to look over the village and across the mountains that surround Skala. The pictures below are on the east of the village (looking out to see it's on the right-hand side) between the nudist beach and secret breach which is a little cove around the corner. There is an old abandoned chapel where you can see a spectacular sunset (may take about 45 minutes to an hour to walk it). On the opposite side of the village, you can also expect fantastic views.

Don't miss terrapin bridge on the east side of the village near De Luz. Self explanatory but you can expect to see lots of terrapins.

Get Out On The Water

  • Due to the landscape, the water has good wind conditions suitable for windsurfing and sailing (average of 17-20 Knotts). You will regularly see the regattas from the Aeolian village down the bay.

  • If you are more advanced and want to be on a holiday just for windsurfing places like the Neighbouring Sigri or Vassiliki, Lefkas would be worth considering where the winds are a little higher and more predictable (expect to see a post about this area soon).

  • The best thing about Skala is the water conditions in the morning. The water is often flat and glassy which make it perfect for beginners.

  • You may also want to do kayaking, paddleboarding or a swim out to Badger Rock. If you are swimming or heading out on a kayak or board across town expect to see schools of jumping fish whilst the water is calm.

  • There is a centre in the town where you can hire kayaks or go out on banana boats etc. Alternatively, the hire would be from the Aeolian Village Resort.

  • You can also arrange to go out on a boat ride a bit further down the coast where you will see the petrified forest (the prehistoric remains).

  • There is a fantastic PADI diving school called Black Rock, they will be able to do anything from a taster session through to doing your PADI qualifications.

The beautiful sand in Skala and many beaches on the island is a darker colour (closer to black sand) due to its volcanic properties. Which will mean the hot sand dash if you are barefoot, and it is also magnetic.

The magnetic property of the sand is only mild however just be cautious. I was living here so had my laptop with me in my apartment or resort (nowhere near the beach) and kept having to clean the magnetic charging port. The title picture and the picture to the left are unedited but the lighting from the sun that day has caused the sand to look slightly lighter than it is.

LGBTQ+ Friendly

It is an LGBTQ+ friendly town that is host to an international women's festival every year. The entire town caters for the event with concerts, festivals, pop up stalls and parties. However, everywhere will welcome the LGBTQ+ community with open arms. Expect the prices of accommodation to be slightly higher during this week, but those at the festival get great deals when travelling here for this. The most popular gay bar and hotel are called Flamingo's, which is brightly coloured and sits between other bars on the main storefront.

Eating Recommendations

This is really hard to choose as all of the restaurants in the village were genuinely great. They each had odd dishes that stood out against the other places. I have found with most of the places I have been in Greece, that the only time you find bad quality food is when you are in built-up tourist areas (such as Kavos). This tends to be because they produce, seafood and meat are just not as fresh or locally sources (having to meet the demands of higher numbers and large seating capacity each night in busy resorts means they will tend to use regional suppliers rather than in the neighbouring village).

My favourite Greek foods are saganaki, gyros (chicken but typically pork) with tzatziki, local whitebait or Octopus. These are the foods I will try in any Greek village or restaurant.

  • The Secret Garden Restaurant is tucked away (as you can expect by the name) in a covered courtyard.

  • The Blue Sardine was another favourite of mine and the staff I worked with. Whenever we had a staff Jolly (night out) it would start with a group meal here and they accommodated for the large group of us really well. And great fresh seafood.

  • My personal favourite was Zorba the Buddah, I can't find a link to this place but I can still remember each of the dishes I enjoyed here 6 years later.

  • There is also a fab frozen yogurt shop opposite the fruit and vegetable shop, that offers Fererro Rocher, Bueno, nuts, chocolate, sweets and loads of different toppings.

Looking towards the east side of the village and the Chapel walk.
If you go to a bar or restaurant on the seafront stick around until sunset, you will not be disappointed; Even on a bad day.

Bar Recommendations

  • Notia Jazz Bar is away from the main seafront strip of bars, and is tucked away in a small courtyard. The lighting, chilled atmosphere and often live music make it a really great place to relax.

  • Parasol is a cool bar that has a bit of a chilled hippie vibe and looks out to sea, it has been named one of the top cocktail bars in Europe multiple times.

  • There is also the Rock which is a Shisha bar which has regular live music and is owned by the diver instructors from Black Rock Driving.

  • If you like to drink and want to extend the night beyond the time of the bars and restaurants along the front, there is also De Luz which is a beach bar open late but only on specific times in the season or Naos, which tends to have the later crowd in and a lot of the Neilson resort staff in.

Get out of this village if you are staying here and visit more of the island, there is so much to see and do here.

Monastery of Moni Pithariou

'Up the Hill'

Errasos is further up the hill, in spring and summer this town is quiet and sleepy, but when the season is packing up this is the main area for shops and restaurants. It is still open just not as busy as Skala during peak season. Further up from the town about 20-minute bike ride from the Skala is a dam with amazing views to a beautiful mountain range and a beautiful monastery of Moni Pithariou looking back towards the dam (the right is just a sneak peak at chapel which is one of the small buildings that makes up this monastery).


  • There are scorpions here, they don’t sting unless provoked and it’s a rare sighting. But keep your flip flops on when your off the beach.

  • It has two nudist beaches (that happened to be either side of the family resort I was working at), but they are mostly respectful and tend to keep a distance between the beach areas.

  • There are camel spiders here in Lesvos due to the climate. They are pretty huge and I won’t lie i’m terrified and saw a few over the few months I lived here. They tend to follow your shadow as they are looking for shade but don’t tend to do much other than that.

The Aeolian Village Resort

Although I no longer work for them, I wouldn’t feel right writing about the town and not including the Aeolian Village. They were a fantastic company to work for which is why I did 4 summer contracts with them as resort Fitness and/or Head of Fitness. I enjoyed the place so much that when I had annual leave, I spent half of the time just enjoying the resort amenities. On the water (as mentioned above) it is best for Sailing and windsurfing, but on land it is also perfect for mountain biking.

It is the only resort in the town, so it doesn’t override the place and is slightly outside the town too. It is a charming and beautiful active resort that has access to a wide range of land and water activities. See pictures below and above (the sand in the above picture and some others I took looks lighter than it is (I do not edit my pictures), this was just due to the light from the sun at that angle at the time of taking the picture. I am not an affiliate for them nor do I receive any monetary value, I just love the place.

My Favourite Apartment Accommodations

  • Ēliotopos

  • Zaira Studios

If you are visiting friends or family or just wanting to come here for a short break, then you may feel the resort is not the right option for you.

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