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Save Money On Travel Accommodation | The Ultimate Guide

How many of you find the perfect location for your next trip then you go online and search for accommodations but due to its popularity or proximity to local attractions, landmarks and natural beauty... you just cannot afford to stay here (at least not for the duration or in the way you would like). Well I am going to share a number of useful tips and tools to help you get the most for your money when booking accommodation. From free room upgrades to saving enough money on the accommodation that you could extend the stay.

Save money on your travel with these great tips for booking accommodation

Whilst package deals can sometimes offer a cheaper prices, recent trends suggest that more and more of us are wanting to cut out the middle man, to get more from our trips. Even more of us regular travellers are wanting to have the choice to explore the local area with ease, cook for ourselves (whilst having the odd evenings and lunches in local restaurants). We simply want a little bit more from our accommodation. Accommodation is one of the biggest costs when travelling whether it's for a short weekend in the country or a city break, it's very easy to spend a small fortune on the roof over your head during your stay.

This article is a bit longer than some others but I've aimed to include useful information throughout. If you don't have the time to read the whole thing now, just scroll to the bottom and Pin For Later.

I will be updating this article (like many others) periodically to make sure that the advice is still relevant and links are still useful. I may add other information to help you find better deals and ultimately get the most for your money when finding accommodation for your travels.