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Living as an American Expat in The Netherlands

I am an American that was born and raised in southern California, always within 30 minutes to the beach. In the previous 6 years, I’ve lived walking distance to the ocean and this is also during the time I met my boyfriend of five years, Matt. He had always traveled to other countries for work and two years ago, he was flying to the Netherlands twice a month from California, which became too taxing. Matt received the opportunity to live and work there, so we finally decided to make the move in July 2019. Dropping everything and moving to a whole new continent is asking a lot, despite love.

I have always loved travel since I was young and it was then reignited as an adult at 24 when I went on a trip to ten countries for two months. Travel has greatly impacted my perspective on life and the world in a positive way. I believe it that any experience travelling before hand like myself will help to acclimate when becoming an expat.

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