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Hiking & Ice Climbing Fox Glacier, New Zealand

On the west coast of the New Zealand South Island in the Alpine range sits one of 3 glaciers, Fox Glacier. The proximity of these peaks to the sea in part gives New Zealand one of its most iconic and beautiful landscapes. On the Glacier you have options of activities you can do from viewing, hiking, climbing or helicoper rides; In my case I chose Ice Climbing. This was 8 years ago. It was my first time viewing a glacier and my first experience ice climbing. Despite the years that have passed the 3 nights staying here and my day on the glacier are etched into my memories and I made notes which I recently found on an old hard drive of my experience.

Adventure travel destination New Zealand and the South Island Glaciers.
Views of Fox Glacier (summer) as we were leaving the town.

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The Glacier and Climb

Fox Glacier like many around the world is officially in a state of retreating.

With Aoraki sitting at 3724m the glacier drops about 2600m close to the peaks. It is fed by 4 smaller alpine glaciers, draping dramatically from the peaks. It then feeds into fox river then cook river before heading out to coast. I chose to do the h