Image by Samuel Ferrara
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Hamburg, Germany - Oslo, Norway | My first Glimspe Of A Cruise

Hamburg Town Hall in Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg Town Hall Courtyard

So last year one of my best friends got married at Sea on a Royal Caribbean cruise between Hamburg and Norway.

Due to my work commitments in a new job, I couldn't get the entire trip off but I did manage to negotiate a few days off work, just enough to see my beautiful friend get married.

I flew to Hamburg in Germany met up with the wedding party an enjoyed a day of wandering around the city before boarding the ship (I would just like to point out up until this trip I have never been on a cruise, or even considered a cruise for a holiday or to do some travelling).

My First Impression Of Hamburg

It was beautiful, relaxed and very clean. I've been to Germany quite a few times and every time I have loved it and been amazed. There were plenty of museums, lots of gorgeous cafes and restaurants to eat at and plenty to see and do.