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Comprehensive Guide To Buying Your First Drone

I’ve been flying drones since 2015, and flown at least 4 different models. Since then I’ve flown drones in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, through impenetrable jungles of Indonesia, and in bitterly-cold winds of Antarctic Peninsula. With every situation presenting its own challenges - I know I need to rely on good equipment that won’t let me down half-way through the flight. Or it would get me in a lot of trouble!

Picture taken on a drone of photographer flying in remote village with children watching in awe
Flying the drone in Solomon Islands attracted a lot of kids from the village | Denis Elterman

Buying your first drone can be daunting. That’s why in this article I’ll talk about how to choose the right drone for YOU. And what to look for when doing so, along with my personal recommendation in every category. Please note: This article may contain affiliate links, to see full disclosure Click Here

Step 1. Buy A Popular Drone

My only advice and not a recommendation - is buy a popular drone, from a trusted drone company, such as DJI.

It makes it easier to get answers to your questions on public forums and through customer support. Popular drones will also have their stores located worldwide in case you find a problem. I once had to repair my drone whilst working in the Arctic, and luckily was able to drop it