Image by Samuel Ferrara
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Beachcomber Island and Latouka, Fiji

The tropical country of Fiji lies in the south pacific ocean, in the ring of fire. Famed for its palm trees, sandy beaches, coral reef, blue lagoons and rugged landscape; consisting of 300 islands.

Beachcomber Island taken from our glass bottom boat and snorkel trip
Beachcomber Island taken by me from our glass bottom boat and snorkel trip. No filters or editing needed for these Islands

I have only visited Fiji once so far for a short break, flying into Nadi on the north west of Viti Levu then heading up to Latouka. I also decided to do a day trip to one of the islands (Beachcomber Islands) and ended up enjoying it so much that I stayed on the island for 4 nights. I want to share my experience of this island, our stay on the mainland and some of the other amazing things Fiji has to offer. As always there are plenty of things to see and do in this wonderful country, and I am itching to get back there again.


Tours from Latouka

On the mainland you can take a range of tours from zip lining to mud pools and much more in between. I noted some of the day trips we didn't have chance to visit after switching to the island for longer and listened to some of the other guests discussing their day trips too. Here, I have listed the key ones that we would love to visit on our next trip.

Mud Pools and the Sleeping Giant Garden

The best price for this experience comes from Viator saves you over £13.00. Visit the stunning gardens and explore the geothermal pools.